Treatment of light hair and hair intensification in natural ways

ARAB DAY - Light hair treatment and hair intensification in natural ways

There is no doubt that light hair is one of the most annoying things that many of them suffer and are looking for solutions, and if you prefer natural ways, we in this article offer how to treat light hair in natural ways, and how you can intensify hair recipes easy to prepare, so follow us the following article Dear reader.

Causes of hair loss In general, most hair loss is not associated with major organic disease. Thyroid diseases cause hair loss. Some drugs cause hair loss, including cancer drugs.

Genetic cause. The use of unreliable cosmetics, hair dyes and substances containing alcohol, adversely affecting the health of the hair, which then tend to bombard and fall. The tight ponytail or tight pony tail may attract hair to make it fall. If this happens, it is preferable to do a certain hairstyle that does not press and attract the hair.

How to know that you will suffer baldness in the grave Causes of hair loss may be the following causes of the disease is one of the causes of hair loss, namely: alopecia is a famous medical condition often take a circular area small or quarter circular is alopecia, often return to be untreated During a period of 3 to 6 months without treatment, which is a cause of hair loss, and sometimes grow hair white color or multiply these spots may be severe to include the whole head.

It may affect hair elsewhere other than the scalp and is considered an immune disease as the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Most of these patients do not have major health problems, and anxiety and stress are often blamed for the cause.

Mania bombardment of hair is a bad habit of hairpin or bend it without attention or attention to these damages, and the most affected areas is the head hair and eyebrow hair, the treatment of this condition is considered more psychological, and the person must recognize the habit and stop it. Read more: Hair loss mania .. Is it a psychological state? How can treatment? Ringworm is known as ringworm, a fungal infection known as roundworm, because of its ring shape and a large amount of the crust with the presence of hair-free patches and often affects school-age children, and treatment is to take a tablet of oral antibiotics to penetrate the antibiotic hair roots in addition to To antifungal agents. Crab hair loss in normal circumstances Head hair live up to 3 years It is normal to fall daily to 100 hair,

But with the use of shampoos that weaken hair may increase the number of it, and may be noted on the pillow or in the basin. There are many reasons that affect the health of the hair and cause shock that does not complete the normal period of his life and does not exceed the composition of three months, such as: severe fever or sudden loss of weight or surgery or even after pregnancy, but when the body returns to normal, .

Stages of Hair Growth Growth Stage This stage is the first stage of hair growth in which all hair grows and this stage takes years. The period of regression – the transition phase At this stage of hair growth occurs slow growth of hair over the course of weeks where shrinkage occurs in the growth of follicles. Hair loss At this stage of hair growth, hair growth stops for months, as your hair follicles separate from the follicles, and new hair begins to grow, pushing the old hair and hair out.

. The treatment of light hair in natural ways is difficult to adapt to the light hair and the embarrassing problems that cause us, but we can do the treatment of light hair, and enhance the size and give some density through: oils massage hair oils aromatic through the use of Some oils such as rosemary and thyme oil mixed with grape seed oil and lavender, where some studies showed an increase in hair growth after 7 months. Food is rich in protein, hair is made of protein, and a diet that contains lots of milk, poultry, beans and leafy vegetables to intensify hair. Hairdressing Divide your wet hair and lay it out in front of the area where you are used to combing your hair. When your hair dries, bring it back to the other side,

Your hair will gain more density, and a hairstyle that gives more volume and density such as the gruff that adds density to the appearance of hair.

Hair Solution Use a lotion for your hair to give some intensity. Mix 2 ounces of lemon juice with 5 drops of rosemary oil. Put the mixture on your hair and comb it before putting the hair rollers. The hair rollers can be used and left in your hair for 30 minutes. .

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