Treatment of intestinal obstruction with honey and herbs

Treatment of intestinal obstruction with honey and herbs Treatment of intestinal obstruction with honey and herbs

Treatment of intestinal obstruction with honey and herbs, intestinal obstruction occurs in different parts of the duodenum in the small intestine, which makes it difficult to empty the contents of the intestine naturally. This may be functional or mechanical and requires medical intervention and in some cases necessary surgical operations in order to heal and we will recognize In an article treating bowel obstruction with honey and herbs about its causes and how to treat.

What is a bowel obstruction? : –

Intestinal obstruction is known as intestinal obstruction. It is a bowel movement that extends from the opening of the stomach to the anus and consists of the small intestine and large intestine. The small intestine converts food into acids, sugar and fat.

The large get rid of the body waste through the anus and because of its importance, its blockage leads to many serious problems.

The most important causes of bowel obstruction are the presence of some psychological problems such as depression and exposure to the problem of insomnia. Is also paralysis of the stomach or pneumonia or the presence of inflammation in the intestines and may be congenital causes such as not being through the part of the intestine or the lack of anus may be due to this blockage Disruption of salts, especially potassium.

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Causes of obstruction of the small intestine: –

Small intestinal obstruction is caused by many different causes:

  • The presence of a hernia in certain areas of the intestine.
  • A bowel stenosis or obstruction caused by Crohn's disease.
  • The presence of some adhesions in the small intestine as a result of surgery in the abdomen.
  • The intestines interfere with each other as a result of diarrhea.
  • Incidence of mesenteric artery syndrome.
  • The presence of benign or cancerous diseases within the small intestine.
  • The presence of some foreign objects such as stones within the intestines.

Causes of blockage of the large intestine: –

There are many symptoms that appear on the person with a large bowel obstruction, such as the desire to vomit several times and the difficulty of the process of excrement of the stool, as well as many digestive problems in this person such as intestinal upset and flatulence and always feel pain and cramps in the abdomen.

The body may become dehydrated and not breathing well and high blood pressure and all of this is caused by several reasons as follows:

  • The presence of some hernias and tumors in the large intestine.
  • Fecal impaction due to chronic constipation.
  • The presence of a tumor in the endometrium occurs in women.
  • The presence of turns in the cecum and transverse colon.

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Is bowel obstruction disease damage? : –

Intestinal obstruction causes a disorder that prevents the transfer of gastrointestinal content. The intestines lose the ability to transmit their content. Intestinal obstruction causes two types of damage:

  • Damage to the intestines themselves, where the intestines swell heavily, due to the lack of sufficient amount of blood and cause a hole in the intestine, which leads to the leakage of part of the intestinal content to the abdominal cavity and serious infection in them may lead to death.
  • Damage to the organs and organs The blocked intestines swell, leading to the accumulation of large amounts of fluid inside them or cause edema on the walls.The accumulation of fluids that the body needs to maintain the integrity of the blood circulation to severe dehydration, which may develop hypovolemia.

Treatment of bowel obstruction medically: –

The doctor will identify the medical history of the patient and what symptoms he feels as explained in a previous part of the article treating bowel obstruction with honey and herbs and then the doctor conducts the necessary examination and radiography that shows whether the blockage is full or partial.

If you have a bowel obstruction, treatment begins with the return of intravenous fluids to the body as well as a range of other procedures and steps determined by the competent physician.

Is bowel obstruction dangerous? : –

There are some cases in which simple surgical intervention is required where the doctor is looking for the location of the blockage but it is easy because the intestines swell a lot before the point of blockage and get rid of after that some cases are characterized by easy removal of the blockage such as cutting adhesions or removal of a tumor in the small intestine or repair an existing hernia in the intestine.

In other cases, however, the problem may be complex and need to perform many surgeries, such as in cases of obstruction in the left part of the large intestine or near the anus and in this case must be performed in stages.

Compliance with postoperative recovery relates to the patient's age, previous illnesses and duration of obstruction.

Treatment of bowel obstruction with honey and herbs: –

Some people resort to the treatment of bowel obstruction with honey and herbs to alleviate the pain of this annoying disease, which affects many people, therefore resort to eating natural recipes consisting of some herbs to solve this problem, including these herbs:

  • Natural white honey: is one of the most important foods that help in the treatment of intestinal obstruction, because it contains high levels of moisturizing properties of the intestine to facilitate movement and work on its softness.It also helps in the expansion of its channels and is recommended to drink a glass of warm water mixed with white honey several times a day.
  • Sidr honey and fennel honey: help get rid of the problem of intestinal obstruction and is mixed with boiled natural herbs where is mixed from three to seven tablespoons of Sidr honey or fennel honey with a glass of warm water and drink throughout the day.
  • Apple cider vinegar: It is used to treat intestinal obstruction by diluting it with one-to-one water. It is recommended because it contains many acids and chemical compounds that help restore the functions of the small and large intestine and allow waste products to leave the anus.

It also increases the vitality and activity of the intestine and its ability to absorb nutrients and nutrients within the digestive food.

Recipes help in the treatment of bowel obstruction: –

There are many recipes for treating bowel obstruction with honey and herbs consisting of a variety of herbs and fruits that help in the treatment of bowel obstruction. These recipes are as follows:

Dried Fruit:

Dates and figs help to solve the problem of bowel obstruction.

Vegetables and fruits:

Eating vegetables, oranges, tangerines and berries helps treat bowel obstruction.


In addition, wheat and whole grains can help prevent bowel obstruction.


Many foods with a large amount of natural fiber should be eaten to solve the problem of bowel obstruction.

olive oil:

It is added to many foods and eaten constantly to solve the problem of bowel obstruction.

Herbal Mix:

This recipe helps in the treatment of intestinal obstruction with honey and herbs and consists of a wide range of herbs such as fennel, caraway, cumin, anise, crumple seeds of cotton, carob, acetic and milk and licorice.

Only one tablespoon of each is mixed, except for milk, mites, acellia, and carob. Only half a tablespoon is added and eaten before each of the three meals.

Rosemary Recipe:

Mix equal amounts of rosemary, wild thyme, sage, chamomile flowers and melissa. All these herbs are boiled with water and drink this mixture like tea twice daily for quick results.

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After the completion of the dear reader of the article treatment of bowel obstruction with honey and herbs and explain the most important causes and symptoms of bowel obstruction and the most important treatment methods We are waiting for your comment.


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