Treatment of internal fear in children

Treat fear Treatment of internal fear in children

Fear is a natural instinct created in every human being is a feeling that stems from anxiety about something like loss of loved ones or fear about the future or distance from the beloved all this is just a feeling of fear, but here is another fear comes out of prey and causes tension and nervousness and enter into a psychological state It is difficult because of the intensity of fear and here fear is not just a natural feeling but a disease that you must cure, and children are not adults enough to be able to these things are normal and do not cause fear and usually children are afraid of very ordinary things such as fear of going to school or fear of sleep Alone in the room and fear of shadows In order to Taatmkny of your child's treatment and fight his fears you'll see those tips coming through the lines.

Types of fears in children

There are two types of fears that children face, on the basis of which you can learn how to start treatment with the child.

Natural concerns:

  • These fears have accumulated in the child's mind as a result of a bad experience, such as falling off the stairs and then have fears of climbing on the stairs.
  • Natural fears as a result of hearing or watching some things without doing the experience and natural fear is useful and it is useful for some children as it makes them take the necessary measures to protect him from exposure to the bad experience that he has experienced or heard about.
  • Natural fears are only a temporary feeling that will gradually fade as the child ages and becomes more accommodating. At every age, different fears are identified and the child fades back and then fades naturally.

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Pathological concerns:

  • These are the fears caused by some bad situations that the child has gone through or heard about or witnessed and may be minor concerns that the child can with age get rid of them but he did not and remain stuck with him until he grows up and creates a state of panic even if it is large enough to Fear of some simple things Here is called the state of fear fear sick.
  • Pathogenic fears cause deep psychological effects that force the child to feel exaggerated cases of fear, such as panic and enter into nerve attacks and increase the heartbeat, which makes it affect the family's social status of the child and cause tension and anxiety for them and may be the fear of the sick child from public places and people not close to him And other normal things.

Causes of child fears:

  • Family and psychological upbringing, which is the first stage in the care and upbringing of the child, is of great importance in their formation.The child who has grown up with cruelty, beatings, humiliation, sarcastic and negative comments and reprimands always leads him to resort to the wrong behaviors to avoid harsh punishments and the child resort to lying.
  • There is no doubt that the constant threat and mockery of the child makes him lose confidence in society and those around him and makes him traumatize accumulate with each other to become fears satisfactory.

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Night horror for children

  • Children are often exposed to fear during sleep alone alone in his room and many children are often subjected to panic attacks in his sleep, such as being eyes wide and sweat and his body full rise in addition to children who walk at night asleep, all resulting from cases of fear in reality and reflected on them dreams Nightmares and walking asleep.
  • This condition affects about 5% of children and is due to the poor family status and negative relations with his colleagues.This disease can be cured if the reasons that lead to it, you should strengthen your child's self-confidence and keep the child away from any tension in the home.

Fear of children from school

  • You should be aware of your child's fears from childhood so that you do not experience difficulty with your child's fears of going to school because it is necessary for his future and he must love going to it.
  • The reason for the dread of children from school is the social isolation that made children unaware of the outside world and spend most of the time television or modern nations.
  • You need to start a special dialogue with your child to understand that those outside love him and want to share everything.

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Treat fear and the most important tips for treating their fears

  • Creating an intimate psychological atmosphere at home helps the child regain confidence.
  • Stay away from mocking the child by parents and show them love and compassion.
  • Not to involve the child suddenly in the face of what scares him, but is done gradually.
  • Failure to exploit the child's fears and threats, which will intimidate him because this will accumulate as a profound psychological impact in the future.
  • Keeping the child away from watching violence and blood that comes on television.
  • Immunize the child with religion, prayers and the Qur'an and teach him the right age to accommodate her.
  • Talking and discussing with the child so that he or she feels that an adult is important and not marginalized is less self-confident.

We have provided you with the most important points concerning the concerns of children and advice to solve them.The main role in the treatment is focused on the mother.It is the first and only security source for the child.He should treat the child with kindness and tenderness because she is more able to treat him than doctors, we hope that the article will impress you.


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