Treatment of frequent nose bleeding during sleep

Treatment of frequent nose bleeding during sleep Treatment of frequent nose bleeding during sleep

Treatment of frequent nasal bleeding during sleep, nasal bleeding is a frequent disease between the ages of two to ten and from the age of fifty to eighty, it is a blood out of the nose as it is a type of back and front, so we will address today some information on the treatment of nose bleeding Frequent sleep and lots of different information.

Causes of bleeding nose: –

The causes of bleeding in the nose are as follows:

  • Because of a very curvature of the nasal septum.
  • It occurs due to swelling of the nose, sinuses and also the nasopharynx.
  • Occurs due to accidental fracture of the nose, nasal septal fracture or fracture of the nose bone.
  • It occurs because of weak capillaries that line the nasal membrane.
  • Dryness of the nasal padding occurs due to dry air currents.
  • Scratches occur in the membrane that line the nose due to the placing of any foreign object in the nose or due to the placement of the finger inside the nose.
  • It can be caused by the common cold or adenoids and allergic rhinitis due to the accumulation of secretions with the formation of a lot of crusts that weaken blood vessels.
  • Bleeding can occur after sinus operations.
  • Dehydration of the weather as this increases the incidence of nasal bleeding and this is very high in those suffering from delinquency of the nose.
  • It may occur during sleep due to the formation of a small clot blocking the walls of the vessel bleeding suddenly without any warning may be repeated in the case of the injured and may not be repeated in the non-infected.
  • Physiological changes in the body of a pregnant woman that lead to frequent bleeding.
  • The lymphatic vessels are affected by the tumor, and treatment is then performed to remove the tumor.
  • High blood pressure, especially in pregnant women and the elderly.

There are some of the general causes are (vitamin C deficiency, high blood pressure, vitamin K deficiency, blood thinning disease, kidney failure, fever, heart disease and valve tightness, some pregnancies associated with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis) -This was a cause of nasal bleeding.

The reason for the descent of blood from the nose in children: –

The reason for the descent of blood from the nose in children is as follows:

  • The child has a trauma to the nose, such as hitting a hard surface or falling to the ground during play.
  • Small blood vessels are located on a very superficial layer and supplied with large amounts of blood.
  • Sitting under air conditioners in the summer and also exposure to warm and dry air as all this can lead to bleeding.
  • Rupture of blood vessels due to bacterial infections and allergic rhinitis of the nasal mucosa causing bleeding.
  • In some cases of bleeding can be due to nasal tumors or due to vascular malformations, and this is why the nose bleeds in children.

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Treatment of frequent nose bleeding during sleep: –

  • It can be said through the treatment of repeated nose bleeding during sleep that you should not be afraid of the result of watching the blood and then you must sit upright with no curvature of the head to prevent blood from entering the pharynx and then pressed on the bottom of the nose and not the pressure on the bone part.
  • The pressure should continue for five minutes and breath from the mouth only then.If the bleeding does not stop, it must be pressed for ten minutes.In order to narrow the blood vessels that lead to the lining of the nose and help to stop the bleeding is placed cold compresses or a piece of ice.
  • No effort should be made or the nose cleaned for 12 hours.Positioning the finger causes damage to the delicate mucous tissue that lining the nose.A moisturizer can also be used to get rid of dry nose, where a cotton blended with petroleum jelly is placed inside the nose.
  • In case of recurrence of this bleeding should resort to the doctor as there are a lot of disinfectants that work to narrow the blood vessels, and then the doctor prescribe disinfectants and medicines necessary, and should use nasal sprays to treat allergies when going to a different place or environment, and this for the treatment of bleeding nose Frequent sleep.

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Methods of prevention of nasal bleeding: –

The methods of prevention of nasal bleeding are as follows:

  • If you live in a dry area, make sure you humidify the atmosphere with a steam humidifier or water conditioners.
  • Many moisturizers should be used which can be represented in the petroleum jelly of the nose.
  • A blood test is required to detect the safety of blood clotting elements.
  • You should refrain from inhaling drugs and also stay away from smoking.
  • Avoid entering foreign objects into the mouth or inserting the finger inside.
  • Allergic rhinitis should be properly treated.
  • All blood pressure, such as weight lifting, defecation, violent exercise, or strong nose cleaning, should be avoided.

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