Treatment of elephant disease with pictures

Treatment of elephant disease with pictures Treatment of elephant disease with pictures

Treatment of elephantiasis in pictures, elephantiasis is a pathological condition, and it results in hypertrophy of men, arms and genitals until they become the size of an elephant, and this disease has been known since ancient times.

Around 120 million people worldwide are infected with the disease, and today we will treat elephant disease with pictures and a lot of information.

Study the cause of elephant disease: –

By studying the cause of elephant disease we would like to say that there are some studies that have attributed the cause of this disease due to red soil, walking on this soil without shoes, and this situation is widespread in Africa, and can be analyzed that there are a lot of small chemical molecules that exist With soil.

These molecules can give up the man when walking, because there is no means of protection for the foot, as these molecules can then settle in lymphoid tissue leading to irritation and these tissues can be susceptible to infection of bacteria, and this on the study of the cause of elephant disease .

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Causes of elephantiasis: –

It can be said that the causes of elephantiasis are to block the flow of both blood and circulation in the blood vessels, and this reason behind the disease of elephant disease, which can occur as a result of bacterial infection causing inflammation of lymphatic vessels.

When the size of inflation is large, it causes back pressure and lymphatic ducts causing enlargement of lymphatic vessels and therefore a large swelling, and if there is no surgical intervention, then inflation is in a state of increasing and continuing, and then to the extent of ugliness.

During this, the surrounding tissues and cells die because of the lack of blood supply to them.This is caused by mosquito bites of the disease.When a human bite is made, then filariasis turns into adult worms inside the blood vessels, which eventually causes severe infections, which is one of the causes of elephant disease.

Is the disease elephant is contagious: –

Of course, for those who wonder about elephant disease, is it contagious? We would like to say that it is already contagious since it can be transmitted from one individual to another, causing swelling in both arms and legs, so care must be taken of the disease.

Symptoms of elephant disease: –

Symptoms of elephantiasis are summarized as follows:

  • Fever and high body temperature.
  • The skin is sore, discolored and thicker than usual.
  • Inflation and swelling occurs in the affected part.
  • Feeling a lot of jerk and tired.
  • Affects male and female genital organs where penis skin, pain and fever are occurring in males.
  • It shows a cancerous layer by vulva with a sore layer between the thighs.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the legs in females.
  • In the advanced stages, fever and chills occur.
  • For some people, redness and pain in the forearms or testicular cyst can continue these symptoms from 3 months to 12 months of the mosquito tablet, and this is a symptom of elephantiasis.

Note: It is difficult to diagnose the symptoms of the disease in principle, as the initial symptoms can be similar to many different diseases, so the blood must be examined first and also check the obstruction of lymphatic vessels through ultrasound.

Treatment of elephantiasis in pictures: –

Elephantiasis can be treated with pictures in some people without showing any of the different symptoms, while people who develop symptoms of this disease are given antibiotics to overcome the microbial infection and painkillers and antihistamines.

All this is done to isolate the microorganisms that cause the disease, and it can be given bilaterally for three weeks, as it quickly destroys the worms that cause the disease and hence the body gives a strong reaction to deal with dead worms, and this Treatment of elephant disease with pictures.

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Methods of treatment of elephantiasis herbs: –

We can clarify the ways of treating elephantiasis herbs as they help to alleviate the symptoms of the disease are summarized in the following:

Herb Secret of the Earth:

As this herb works to treat this disease as well as blockage of the lymphatic system and swelling of the skin and reduce the symptoms, it can be soaked dried plant in a glass of boiling water, and then taken after meals 3 times.


The tar-affected area can be painted.

Patience and Myrrh:

This mixture of patience and myrrh is very useful for the treatment of elephantiasis, as this paint is applied to the affected place with the entire leg tied and left for a whole night.

The ring:

The place of infection is painted with fenugreek mills and also pasted with goat milk.


Carrots have many different benefits and can be drank as juice.

Olive oil and salt:

This mixture can be used in the treatment of the disease by painting the place of injury, which benefits the patient and reduces the proportion of symptoms of the disease.

Bitter melon:

Elephantiasis can be treated by soaking it in water and then drinking it.

Another way to treat cupping is that it is very useful in the treatment of this disease is done by going to a specialist in cupping therapy, and this by treating elephantiasis herbal.

Prevention of elephantiasis:

How to prevent elephantiasis can be mentioned below:

  • A drug called diethylcarbazine can be administered to prevent this disease, and it has been shown to be effective.
  • Mosquito biting should be avoided as much as possible and materials used to dislodge and use protective clothing.
  • The mosquito breeding sites of swamps near houses should be eliminated.
  • Finally, you should consult a doctor when you want to increase one of the places where elephant disease is common, and this was about ways to prevent elephantiasis.

Some steps to consider: –

There are some steps to be taken into consideration, including the following:


The patient should take care of his or her personal hygiene and ensure that the affected limbs are raised as well as proper exercise with the injured limb.


The patient should stay away from tiring daily activities and get enough rest.


The patient should avoid both fatty and heavy foods that are full of fats as well as fish, meat, legumes, liver, brain, kidneys, sardines, salmon, broccoli, eggplant, artichokes and pickles.These are some steps to consider for people with elephant disease.

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In the end we would like to have been impressed by the care that must be taken care of this disease, which causes a lot of fees to its owner, as you can join us in this article through the various comments and suggestions and solutions that add us a lot, with your participation in this article in the various pages in order to Benefit everyone.


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