"Toyota" reveal its new system "The Guardian"

Today's "Toyota" reveals its new system "The Guardian"

Japanese automaker revealed "Toyota"A self-support system that will soon allow drivers to prevent car accidents. The company began showing on Monday, with a visible re-representation of the last three car accidents in California, and claimed to be avoided with its Toyota Guardian technology or Toyota's protector.

According to Toyota, the Guardian system is designed to increase human control over the vehicle, not replace it.

Toyota unveils its new Guardian system

"We all have a moral obligation to apply the vehicle's automatic technology to save as many lives as possible," said Dr. Gill Pratt, chairman of the board of directors of Tri and a partner with Toyota, at the Las Vegas press conference. .

"That's why Terry's first focus last year was on this technology," Pratt said.

Toyota unveils its new Guardian system

"The driver controls the driver the car All the time, only when the system foresees an incident, and integrates and coordinates this system skills and manpower with the machine. "Toyota will ensure the Guardian system as a standard tool on all Toyota's electronic platforms.

"The system is very similar to the cooperation between a pilot and a fighter aircraft, but Toyota plans to launch a completely independent system, called Shoveer, which will take full leadership," the company said.

Toyota has revealed how self-driving capabilities can work with the Lexus TRI-P4, but the technology remains elusive, as public acceptance may take a long time.

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