Toyota and Panasonic build future cities!

Toyota and Panasonic have announced their intention to join forces and establish an Internet and Electronics Company for Smart Cities.

According to the information available, the company will be established early next year, and will provide customers with special technologies that provide homes with Internet services, and help the population to control all the electricity in their homes via electronic devices and smart phones.

The company is also expected to develop special batteries and solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight, for storage and use in homes, especially since Toyota and Panasonic have considerable experience in this field, and developed the same potential in the manufacture of batteries for electric cars .

Toyota and Panasonic build future cities!

The company is expected to become a major competitor to Tesla, which began three years ago with special technologies for smart homes that rely on "environmental" surfaces that generate electricity from sunlight.

Panasonic has attracted hundreds of new technicians in 2017, and has developed a special section for the development of artificial intelligence and energy technologies to strengthen its position in the electronics market for electric cars and smart cities.

Source: Vesti


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