Top Feature in Apple Clock that contributes to tapping the iPhone!

Top Feature in Apple Clock that contributes to tapping the iPhone!

Apple has announced the suspension of the Walkie Talkie service in its smart hours after the discovery of a related software vulnerability that helps in tapping into iPhone phones.

"We have learned that there is a loophole associated with Walkie Talkie in our smart hours, so we have disabled this feature in the hours," the company said in a statement. "We apologize for inconvenience to our customers and we promise to return this feature to the service as soon as possible."

"Apple does not yet have strong evidence of exploiting that breach against any customer or user of its smart hours, but when I learned of its existence, it took these measures quickly to ensure the safety and privacy of users."

"The decisions she made are right from her point of view, because such things could allow eavesdropping on clients' phones without their knowledge," she said.

The Walkie Talkie introduced by Apple in its hours ago allows users of those hours to use it as a voice communication device as well as traditional wireless communication devices. It is similar to PTT in old phones.

Source: Vesti

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