Top 7 destinations in Germany this season

Arabs Today - The best 7 destinations in Germany this season

The choice of Germany to visit may be one of the best tourist options you can do. Germany has a great range of destinations, cities and areas worth visiting, but often we do not know where to start and to help you get to know the best 7 tourist attractions in Germany You should see it during your visits to this beautiful country.

Neuschwanstein Palace

This palace is the most famous palace in the world, located in the Alps in the German state of Bavaria, and it seems that the palace is directly outside of the dream world and is actually inspired by studios
Walt Disney Cinema is the most photographed of all buildings in Germany. You can take a tour of the palace and discover its fascinating details.

Europe Park Europa Park

Europe Park, the largest amusement park in Germany, has become the most visited site in Germany, prepared for a world of fun, adventure and high adrenaline through games and sites within it representing Europe. The park is located in the village of Rust, southwest Germany between Freiburg and Strasbourg The park can host up to 50,000 guests a day.

Brandenburg Gate Brandenburg Gate

One of Germany's most famous landmarks and its national symbol is Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 and was intended to be a serious end in the capital but later had a great history that lasted until World War II. After the reunification of Germany, the gate also became a symbol of the reunification of Germany.

Cologne Cathedral Kolner Dom

One of the most important engineering sites in Cologne, the third-longest cathedral in the world, the cathedral was built for 600 years. The Cathedral survived heavy shelling during the Second World War. The cathedral is located near the train station and hosts visitors from around the world.

City Trier Trier

The oldest city of Germany is located on the banks of the Moselle River. It was founded by the Romans in 16 BC and became the preferred place for the residence of many Roman emperors. Roman ruins can not be found in Germany more than they can be found in Trier, especially in Porta Nigra and the Cathedral of Trier.

Black Forest Schwarzwald

Forests, hills, forests and towns stretching from Baden-Baden to the Swiss border await you for a great experience. You can choose between walking or driving a bike and even driving in a range of great roads that you can visit. You get great tourist attractions.

End of year markets

At the end of the year, Germany's markets are a great holiday season and a great attraction for tourists. In these markets full of lights, music and decorations you will find many German products and gifts. One of the most fascinating markets in Nuremberg is the city, Second to a world of lights and decorations, and the Christmas markets are held throughout Berlin in a magical scene.


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