Top 11 Game on PlayStation 4

Whether you love monsters and dinosaurs or ride around in parallel worlds and do exciting adventures, these games certainly challenge your skill in playing and your own reactions. Here is a list of the top 11 PlayStation 4 games, according to The Guardian.

Top 11 Game on PlayStation 4

God of War

Best Playstation 4 Games

This game deserves to be well on top of this list.

Is a royal adventure through Scandinavian legends accompanied by Kratos, and his little son Atris. In addition to the spectacular confrontations, the killing of creatures, the places and the Scandinavian myths, there is much to say about the dramatic development of the family and the sad state of the game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Best Playstation 4 Games

An exciting game that undoubtedly takes place in a time after the end of the world, depicting a world in which dinosaurs have dominated the planet, and humans have returned to cave and collective hunting. Fighting the machines will be very fun for you, just like walking around in this magical world that prevails in the game.

Shadow of the Colossus

Best Playstation 4 Games

The game combines a combination of stunning beauty and a story about grief, loss, and power. Your task in this game is to ride passengers in the desolate wilderness. You will find a giant statue covered with algae that you remove with a small helpless sword and a bow, but you will soon begin to wonder about your motives.


Best Playstation Games

The thrilling action game begins in a city that is endemic to the Queen Victoria era.

It's getting more and more anxious as you progress in the game. By exploring and killing the truly terrifying monsters, you are slowly gathering up what is happening in this horrible place.

Yakuza 0

Best Playstation Games

The beginning of a long series of Japanese bands that give you the chance to hit the thugs in the back alleys, karaoke songs, eating foods, and endless choices of photo-realistic foods in Japanese Osaka restaurants.

The Yakuza 0 game is a unique, lovable mix of exciting, fun and ironic events.

Persona 5

Best Playstation Games

A group of teenagers make up a small, chaotic group in Tokyo, nerds and lounging in the daytime. But these teenagers enter the night into a parallel world to fight the corrupt spirits.

The Witcher 3

Best Playstation Games

The game took the imagination of battered combat forces and turned it into something prominent and a black comedy. The game is at the top of the open world games and role-playing games.

The Witcher 3 is a huge and vast game, but everything in it seems familiar. The building blocks in the game are sound but familiar, and many tasks can be completed in more than one way, and things are logical as well.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Best Playstation Games

Discover the sad tale of a miserable family by unlocking the mystery of their abandoned home. This charming real story is short but has a profound and effective impact on who plays it.

Monster Hunter World

Best Playstation Games

Amphibians resembling blacks, narrow-eyed dragons, winged winged bats and swollen themselves like fluffy hamsters. The creatures of this game are amazing, and catching them by choosing very abundant cartoon weapons is very enjoyable.

Ni no Kuni 2

Best Playstation Games

A comic but not a childish, business model of Studio Ghibli, tells about a small cat.

It is an innovative and imaginative game, especially for gamers who feel the beauty of gray, brown and green colors that dominate a lot of realistic photography games.

The game uses technology to make a 3D world like the most dynamic two-dimensional cartoon.

Uncharted 4

Best Playstation Games

The story of a cinematic adventure around the world contains a wild heart and beloved characters. Interestingly, the characters in the game seem to speak like real people.

The game represents the last chapter of Nathan Drake's life, which has long competed with Lara Croft as the most beloved character in video games.



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