Tom Rochelle reveals his experience with the Volvo V60 Cross Country car

Tom Rochelle reveals his experience with the Volvo V60 Cross Country car

Tom Cruise reveals his experience with the Volvo V60 Cross Country

Tom Rochelle, the editor of The Independent, reviewed the specifications of the Volvo V60 Cross Country, according to his personal experience. The car is one of the two most recent duplicates of the Swedish manufacturer's "family cars", which features a high ground clearance, four-wheel drive with off-road driving settings, sporty design with a low suspension system The car is a "dynamic driving experience"

Through a frozen patch of the Baltic Sea outside the Swedish city of Lulea, amidst snow-covered trees on a frozen edge and 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Tom decided to try the car, but before the sensational experience, ice skating was one of the region's local activities, For 15 minutes, the editor spent a humiliating ski experience until the snow began to cover his body, and then his protective spectacle, which was only bothersome at first. During the skiing, Tom was hit by a frostbite, but fortunately the injury was simple and easy to treat with warm water. Tom went to Vegas The car rode through the snow.

According to the editor's experience, the car was very stable while driving in the middle of snow and off-road. One of the features confirmed by Volvo, while driving was smooth and responsive with the automatic gearbox. The navigation system was very good in describing the road, .

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During driving Tom was exposed to a difficult situation where a small child was in front of the car and the editor pressed the brakes in the middle of the snow-filled road and stopped the car immediately without the child or car being damaged. In safety, the car is equipped with emergency brakes as a standard, (Pilot Assist) for the driver when it comes to steering and acceleration and braking off-road well up to a speed of up to 130 km per hour.

The car also has standard systems such as a road flow mitigation system and traffic avoidance. Volvo comes in 60 Cross Country with a 250-horsepower T5 FWD engine, a rear-wheel drive and a 316-horsepower rear-wheel drive.

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