Titicaca is the charming home of ancient cultures steeped in ancient ways

Today's Arabs - Titicaca is the charming home of ancient cultures steeped in ancient ways

The tectic blue Lake of Titicaca forms in many unique ways, the charming home of ancient sunken cultures, the largest lake in the world. South america The highest lake of navigation in the world, called Titicaca, which means according to the Andean belief "cradle of the sun". The lake is located in the province of La Paz, 3 hours by bus from the capital of the same name, with an average altitude of 3,810 meters above sea level.

Part of the lake belongs to the state Bolivia The other part belongs to Peru and is divided into two main basins: the Lago Mayor del Titicaca (the main lake of Titicaca) and the Lago Minor del Titicaca (a small lake of Titicaca). The Grand Lake or Lake Chocheto glints between the natural mountain peaks and the islands with the remains of the Aymara civilizations.

Lake Minore or Lake Winai Marca have panoramic views of the Corridera Real. The lake coast is connected to many natural areas with rare papyrus plants. It is also home to various species of birds. The ancient culture of Tianaco is surrounded by the Little Lake, Paula Esola Bolivia Peace and serenity in the spirit of its visitors.
Lake Titicaca is known as the Inca Sacred Lake, the perfect place to enjoy nature and enjoy the breathtaking views of the snowy hills that descend from high mountains and contrast with the crystal blue waters of the lake. The area is inhabited mostly by the Aymara peoples who have preserved their traditional forms of life and cultural values About their ancestors.

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