Tips to get rid of work stress

Tips to get rid of work stress

Arabs Today - Tips to get rid of work stress Tips to get rid of work stress

Many employees are now easily susceptible to stress because of the hectic pace of life, stressful tasks and stress, and to relieve stress. Professor Dirk Vindemott advises staff to take frequent short rest periods throughout the working day, explaining that the employee should do something Quite different during these breaks.

Vindemot, an expert at the German Institute for Accident Insurance and Health in the Dresden city of Dresden, recommended staff to leave the workplace and spend an open-air rest, where they could restore their activity and resume work with greater focus.

After completing the work, Vindemot stressed the importance of the employee not thinking about the concerns and workloads in order to be able to clear his mind properly, and for this purpose should not be available to the manager after the end of working hours only when necessary.

Vandemot pointed out that employees should not browse work messages while they are at home, even with all the technical possibilities, because if the employee signed under nervous pressure in his or her private life can lead to the so-called burning Burnout ).

Instead of hiring the same employee to follow the course of work during his vacations and after working hours, the German expert advised him to use these times to enjoy his own hobbies, pointing out that exercise in particular contributes to the reduction of stress significantly.

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