Tips help you build a strong and successful relationship with your partner

Today's Arabs - Tips will help you build a strong and successful relationship with your partner

The traditional roles of the man who required him to support his family have changed, while the role of women has been the responsibility of caring for children and doing housework only, but now it is based on partnership between the spouses. While this is a positive progress in the relations between the spouses, Leads to tension.

Since ancient times, men have been trained for their primary role in supporting the family, and as the roles change at the moment, they may not always be happy when their wives get a higher salary or job. This may lead to jealousy and the relationship ends.

"Whatever the husband looks happy and happy, you can not expect this social adjustment to change overnight," said Amy Eversen, the behavior coach for the British Daily Mail newspaper.

The success of the wife may affect her relationship with her husband, she said. At least some couples will stir up feelings of jealousy, which could develop into more egregious feelings, which could destroy the relationship.

Amy Iversen offers a set of tips that help you build a strong and successful relationship with your partner and calm feelings of jealousy before it gets worse and becomes a problem.


Amy recommends encouraging your husband to see your success from a different perspective rather than resentment. You can encourage your husband to see your success as an inspiration, as there is nothing to stop him from doing a better job than you.


"If salaries are an accurate measure of success, accountants will be the most successful," says Amy. "Honest professions are not always the most profitable, and what the husband's work lacks in terms of material return may be compensated in other ways."

the support

When one spouse goes to work, the other partner is often directed to the management of the home from childcare, parent care, paying bills and caring for household chores. Each one must recognize the other's sacrifice and thank him for what he does.

Stay away from competition

When one team wins, all its members win, and if the competition between the spouses is dissolved, each of them will lose. A joint savings account with independent current accounts can be a great way to accumulate money while allowing each partner independence, which can strengthen the relationship between the two.

Feeling distrustful

Some men can feel a lack of confidence in themselves because of their wives with high salaries or positions. This lack of confidence can affect their relationship, advises Eversen that the wife has a role in pushing the husband forward in his work and remind him that salary is not a measure of success.

There is no risk-free career path. At the moment, you are the only person to achieve career success, but nothing is permanent. One day roles can be reversed. Reconcile with thought and be proud of what you have achieved.

Do not be ashamed of the truth

When people ask what your wife or partner is doing, what do you say? If you are concerned about talking about it, it may be a sign that you have not reconciled with yourself.

Successful women often underestimate their achievements to accept their partner, and for a man who is already sensitive, it takes courage to accept it.

Engage in your career

You may not know your work, but he knows you, and he has daily office details and intricate details, and you can involve him instead in your important career decisions.


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