Tips for the safety of the baby during sleep

Tips for the safety of the baby during sleep

Tips for baby safety during sleep Tips for the safety of the baby during sleep

"During the 18-year study of common sleep problems, I had hundreds of questions about safe sleep and common sleep," says Sleep Professor Helen Paul. Some parents felt it necessary to let the baby sleep in their beds, while others felt the danger of it.

So if you want to experience sleep together, these tips and notes will help you. "What is common sleep? According to experts, the term "common sleep" is used to describe the infant's sleeping position in the same bed of the mother and father or close to their bed, meaning that the baby is sleeping in a separate bed close to their bed.

Why do some mothers do this? For many mothers, having a baby in a separate bed but very close to their bed is reassuring especially at night. Although many mothers purchase a small bed placed close to their bed, many of them when they wake up at night hold the baby and take him to bed with them.

Although this behavior is innate, new parents should know that there are risks involved. What are the benefits of common sleep? The researchers found that infant sleep close to the mother makes it easier for the mother to pay attention to the baby's needs. The baby will not need to cry to attract the mother's attention. Which reduces the discomfort at night.

While the baby may have to move from the light movement stage to cry louder to attract his mother's attention when he wakes up at night. What are the risks? In addition to the increased risk of death in the cradle that are usually associated with sleep, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or taking medicines may increase the risk when the child sleeps in the same bed.

To minimize risks and unfortunate incidents, it is essential that new parents learn how dangerous it is to leave the child in the same bed. For example, sleeping in the same bed with a smoker can increase the child's risk of suffocation due to the transfer of chemical substances in cigarettes from hair, clothing and flogging of the father or mother to the infant. These substances, in addition to the smell of smoke, can cause the weight of the baby's sleep. The risk of suffocation during sleep.

If you want your baby to stay in your bedroom, consider these considerations and follow the general safety and safety guidelines to keep your child safe.

Place the baby in a separate safe bed and do not put anything else in the bed with the child such as toys, pillows or blankets. Be sure not to put the baby near you in bed at night when breast feeding from the breast or bottle, do not put the child on your pillow ever because the neck of the baby is weak and can not at this stage to lend his head to the pillow:

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