Tips for choosing the right red nail polish for your skin color

Tips for choosing the right nail polish for your skin color

Light skin

If you are a white-skinned woman, you are one of the girls who can choose red paint in different shades. Dark red such as ivory will suit you, as well as a moderate red nail polish, you can try the Givenchy le vernis intense color nail lacquer Carmun Escarpin.

If your skin is too light to pale, choose a fiery red like Yves Saint Laurent la laque couture nail lacquer rouge N Pop Art.

Tonic skin

For tanning lotions, we recommend that you rely on colors that combine red with orange such as Dior vernis gel shine and long nail lazquer in aventure. Your skin needs a strong or strong color to show the beauty and color of your skin.

Bronze skin

The attractive bronze skin needs a color that accentuates its beauty, so choose the Metallic Red to the Annabi or Orange like Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Nail Color Fir Bow.

Dark skin

The near-violet color of the violet like Burberry nailpolish Oxblood will show the charm of your skin color, and red apricot may also hold you.

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