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This is the category that publishes the most false news on Facebook

This is the category that publishes as much false news on Facebook

The false and misleading news is one of the challenges faced by the digital world companies, especially the social networking sites, especially Facebook, which faced great problems in terms of misleading users, especially on the sidelines of the US elections in 2016.

In a recent study published in the journal Science Advances on January 9, coordinated by three American scientists who confirmed many things about the publication of false and misleading news on social networking sites, the study indicated that this phenomenon remains limited.

The study was conducted on 3500 people and also showed that Republicans in the United States were more likely to publish this type of news than Democrats, but another factor was the main factor in spreading this news is age, as older people were more likely to publish Fake News.

In their interpretation of the phenomenon, the researchers pointed out that the American generation that grew before the 1960's find it difficult to deal with social networking sites.

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