The world's most amazing airports at all!

Most of the time, getting to your destination is the least fun part, especially if your flight is airborne, due to airport congestion and stress. But few airports around the world have been particularly enjoyable because of their crowding and uniqueness, such as the airports we will review in the article.

The strangest airports in the world at all !!

Courchevel International Airport, France

Courchevel International Airport

Located in the ski resort of Courchevel in the French Alps, it has one of the highest terraces (2010 meters) and the shortest terraces (537 meters) in the world.

The airport is an adventure for risk seekers because of the dangers of landing, especially as the landing route passes through the very deep mountain valleys and steeply sloping entrance, making this airport one of the most dangerous airports and requiring professional pilots to land and take off.

Barra Airport, Scotland

The strangest airports in the world

This sandy beach is one of the most unusual places where you can find a runway! The airport is located on the small island of Barra in Scotland and has been in use since the 1930s, handling about 10,000 passengers a year.

Denver International Airport, Colorado

Denver International Airport

This is the most unusual airport in our list because of its sculptures and murals. The 35-foot Bronco statue, with its radioactive red eyes near the entrance to the airport, is followed by an interesting collection of murals associated with alien intrigues. It is believed that the strangeness does not stop only on the ground of the airport, but extends under the ground as well as having a wide network of underground tunnels and caches was used by the army and still!

Bangalore International Airport, India

Bangalore International Airport

If you are a believer in supernatural events, you may want to visit this airport where there are many rumors about being haunted by the spirit of a woman! Many airport staff reported seeing more than once a woman wearing a white "sari" standing in different places of the runway and cargo areas. Although the control unit denies these allegations, the airport remains a unique destination for researchers on negative energy issues.

Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport

The small British region of Gibraltar, on the southern coast of Spain, has a unique airport with one exception: its runway passes directly across the island's busiest road. Each time an aircraft lands or takes off, dedicated gates like rail gates work to close the road to protect cars from the risk of accidents. Traffic usually stops for about ten minutes, but on some days the delay may be up to two hours! It is a traffic nightmare that we would like to avoid.


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