The Valkyrie is powered by a V12 engine of 1000 hp and its price is surprising

The Arabs today - "Valkyrie" V12 engine of 1000 horsepower and the price of surprise

The end of the petrol engine seems to be close, as the British government wants to ban the sale of the diesel engine in 2040. Major automakers such as the German company "Volkswagen"It will offset its growth in the next 10 years by focusing on electric drives.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail", that a little earlier, Aston Martin committed to manufacturing the initial form of the internal combustion engine, and we have revealed here the shape of the engine.

The V12, a 12-cylinder V-cylinder with a capacity of 6.5 liters, will produce a double force of 1,000 horsepower. The Valkyrie, which is to be priced in the market, will be worth £ 2.5 million.

Only 175 such vehicles will be produced, according to the partnership with the Red Bull Formula 1 team, 150 cars will be on the road and the remaining 25 will be upgraded to AMR Pro and will cost around £ 3 million. Dedicated to the world's billionaires, the 25 cars will feature a 65-degree angle and 12-cylinder power generation.

"The greatest modern-day motorists are demanding an internal combustion engine with an absolute capacity for performance, excitement and passion," the company said at the Gaydon Motor Center. "That means the purity of relentless natural aspiration."

The Valkyrie is powered by a 1000 hp v12 and its price is a surprise

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This quest resulted in the creation of the final engine in conjunction with Cosworth vehicle manufacturers.

The peak power of the engine is 1,000 hp, at about 10,500 rpm, and the maximum is 11,100 rpm, an unprecedented number for a gasoline engine, in a world governed by restrictive emissions regulations.

The maximum torque is 740 nm at 7000 rpm, but that's not all. These numbers are achieved by the internal combustion engine only. With the Valkyrie, you'll get a hybrid battery system, and the overall performance output will be much higher, That Aston Martin did not disclose the existence of aggregated statistics of the two groups.

The cylinder head and laminating sheeting were made of steel material, to maintain weight at the absolute minimum, this includes titanium.

As a result, the engine will weigh only 206 kilograms, so it is not only a light car, because all these components are essential to the chassis and are highly engine-dependent, so it is similar to Formula 1 racing cars, unlike any other car.

"We were asked to make a V12 engine that does not work with gasoline," said Bruce Wood, Managing Director of Cosworth. "It fits the iconic cars that will be the most famous of all time, and this is a source of pride for our company."

The Valkyrie is powered by a 1000 hp v12 and its price is a surprise

Andy Ballmer, president of the company Aston Martin "Anyone who has a drop of gasoline in his blood, the V12 engine is normal and does not need gasoline, nothing looks better, where the internal combustion engine is full."

Aston Martin confirmed that all Valkyrie models will be delivered to customers who will receive their first orders starting next year.

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