The strangest types of phobia that you have not heard of!

The strangest types of phobia that you have not heard of!

The strangest types of phobia

Humans are born with innate fears such as fear of falling, fear of snakes and spiders, brain-related fears as research and studies have pointed out. While there are other fears we gain from our lives, some are justified and others are strange and may not have been heard before!The phobia "srcset =" الفوبيا. Jpg? W = 728 & ssl = 1 728w, الفوبيا. jpg? resize = 395% 2C217 & ssl = 1 395w "/></strong></p>
<p>While fear of highlands, fear of water or fear of public speaking are known phobias, other rare species are often unheard of, such as yellow phobia known as xanthophobia, or phobophobia called pogonophobia.</p>
<p>In this article, we look at the strangest types of phobias, and you can learn more about them by looking at the previous section.</p>
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<h2>The strangest types of phobia ever!</h2>
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<h3>Erythrophobia Fear of redness</h3>
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Phobia is a social phobia that tends to fear the redness of the face because it attracts the attention of others. Redness is a natural, involuntary reaction caused by the nervous system in the body in response to an event, such as anxiety, fear, love, fighting, etc. Where the levels of adrenaline increase in the body, which causes the widening of blood vessels and increase the flow of blood in the face, which causes redness.

Fear of passage of time

The strangest types of phobia

Chronophobia is a phobia of myself over time. People with this type of phobia feel that their lives are going through very quickly and that they have not done enough in life, or have not enjoyed their moments for the speed of time. Interestingly, this phobia may be transmitted genetically, and can occur through depression. They are usually infected by the elderly and prisoners or trapped somewhere without the possibility of getting out.

Chiclephobia fear chewing gum

The fear of chewing gum

Curiously, Oprah Winfrey suffers from gum phobia! It is a rare fear associated with chewing gum. Scientists believe it is linked to childhood memories and a physical feeling that gum is often affected by continuous chewing.

Venustraphobia Fear of beautiful women

Fear of beauty

A person with this strange state of phobia is rarely found, a fear of seeing beautiful women. The patient suffers from shortness of breath, severe sweating, nausea and other symptoms by seeing a beautiful woman, even remotely, and many of them have panic attacks if they see a woman Beautiful features!

This fear is rooted in the unconscious mind, and is likely to be associated with bad memories of the past, and vary from person to person.

Fear of Marriage

Fear of marriage

The antithesis of anaphylaxis, anaphobia of marriage, in which a person fears a close, binding relationship throughout his life, or promises and commitments to a person. This type is associated with many personal disorders.

Phobophobia Fear of fear itself

Phobia of fear

Fear phobia is associated with anxiety disorders, feelings that are embodied when a person feels fear or actually experiences terror. Phobias can lead to panic attacks, hyperhidrosis, hyperactivity, anxiety, etc.

Fear of alien beings and aliens

Fear of the aliens

Stephen Hawking was an infected xenophobic or outsider. This fear exists in many people, and it is not a condition that concerns only space beings, but any strange and unusual person.

Deipnophobia Fear of talking food or eating with others

Fear of talking

This phobia is linked to social anxiety and can be a fear of eating with others or of experiencing the food itself with a group. This phobia can cause nausea or cramps after the meal.

For those who suffer from food phobias with the community, just thinking of going out to eat with others is causing them anxiety and they seem to have extreme stress.


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