The story of the British extremist nicknamed "white widow"

Arabs today - the story of the British extreme nicknamed "white widow"

Despite the reports that she was killed during a US raid on a Syrian convoy in Damascus more than a year ago, one of the elements of Da'ash confirmed that his family had been detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces Published last week that Jones is still alive and fighting in the ranks of the extremist organization.

Mohammed Ali, who uses the pseudonym AbuTarab, quoted by Birmingham Life, said Jones was hiding in northeastern Syria and Abu Tirab al-Kindi had been held by the Syrian Democratic Forces for about four months after he was arrested in the city of Ras al-Ayn, The border between Syria and Turkey, and reports have spoken of the killing of "white widow" in June last year following a US raid by a plane during the process of Jones escape from the city of Raqqa in Syria, and reports that her son, who was accompanied by also spent in that Raid.

From "rock" to extremism

Sally Jones became one of the most wanted extremists in the world after she converted to Islam and joined the "Da'ash" organization in Syria in 2013, accompanied by her 10-year-old son, Jojo Dixon, who changed his name to Hamza. "White widow" after her husband killed the British fighter Junaid Hussein, in a raid by a US drone in August 2015.

Jones lived a troubled childhood in southeastern London because of her parents' separation, her father's subsequent suicide after taking an overdose of narcotics, and tried to find meaning in her youth after she converted to Catholicism and joined Christian youth groups. She soon decided to leave school to become a rock singer and guitarist in a band known as "Kronish".

During the 1990s, Sally Jones was a pretty blonde in short clothes, participating in parties that she broke up passionately. She also paid attention to the world of "black magic" as well as "conspiracy theories." Jones also worked as a perfume salesman at a branch of an international beauty company before deciding that She converted to Islam in 2013 and was 46 years old. She left for Syria. Before she left for Syria, she met her husband, Hussein Hussein Junaid, 20, and invited her to join him in the city of Raqqa. Cheers.

Jones was accompanied by her baby Jojo, but in Britain left his other brother Jonathan. When she arrived in Syria, she began working with her husband to recruit foreign fighters through social networking sites to threaten Western interests in Europe.

Dedication to killing and destruction

On April 24, 2015, her husband was killed in a US raid on a mosque in Raqqa. Jones was later called the "white widow." She expressed pride in the killing of Hussein Junaid and that she would remain faithful to his memory, she said.

According to documents leaked from the "Dahesh," Jones helped train many European fighters to send them to the "old continent" to carry out extremist and suicide operations, and was said to have been responsible for the women's wing of the "Anwar Awlaki Battalion," a unit of foreign fighters founded by her husband.

Not only that, Jones made her son Jojo join the so-called "Caliphs of the Caliphate" and then killed 12-year-old Kurdish prisoners. She also managed to persuade many British women to join an advocacy group.

British intelligence in 2015 expressed concern about reports of the return of the "white widow" to the United Kingdom to carry out extremist operations with two of the extremists in Birmingham, and was pursuing evidence that indicated its presence in the city of Glasgow, without finding any trace of it, On Twitter was in May 2016, where she wrote "London, Glasgow, Wales and Punjum".


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