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The site of the famous games and games famous Stor Android adds 10 thousand game and the application of a new and quick to take advantage of

The site of Android Store, as it is usually the addition of a series of applications and new games periodically periodically, these applications and games contain endless funds you can buy what you want inside the games and applications, and the team site written summaries and then published so that the user has an idea about them Applications that may be anonymous.

A new site is that it has added more than 10 thousand game and application new moker to users. The site said in a message to the user that it allowed the possibility to download more than 10 thousand game and a new application all of them were selected and specially designed for Arab users.

The first site in the Arab world in the field of applications and games, and has been the code of Houhou Information reviewed since the first day of launch, so you can take advantage of this huge number of applications and new games and old by entering the site from the following link: storandroid

——- Thread by عبد الرحمان

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