The second lawyer to give up Neymar's accusation of rape

the second lawyer to give up neymar's accusation of rape

The controversy over the case of Paris St Germain's Neymar with the Brazilian model Nadila Trinidad, who is accused of raping her, is still ongoing, and the latest defense release of the alleged "victim" defense lawyer.

As Trinidad tried to prove her claims of being raped by a Brazilian star in a hotel in the French capital, and with evidence of the incident, the prosecutor charged her lawyer with the charge of stealing the video, which contains new footage she secretly filmed while Neymar attacked her on the second night of an accident. "Rape".

Trinidad said it had looked for the Tablet PC via Apple's GBS through Apple and found it was in the lawyer's office responsible for her case.

Attorney Danilo García Andrade announced his withdrawal from the defense of his Brazilian client's case against the Sampa captain. The reason for the misunderstanding was that the prosecutor was running a blackmail scheme for Niemar without clear evidence, to check her second lawyer in less than two weeks.


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