The Russian "Baikal" region hosts an international festival of wood sculptures

The Russian "Baikal" region hosts an international festival of wood sculptures

On May 8 in the Russian province of Irkutsk, located in the Lake Baikal area of ​​eastern Siberia, the International Baikal Beach Legends Festival opened for wooden sculptures.

Twenty-four wood sculpture teams are participating in the festival.

The sculptors from Venezuela, Belarus, Peru, Italy and Lithuania are participating in the festival for the first time, the TASS news agency reported.

The festival's director, Alexander Smoktin, said the theme of this year's festival is the tales and legends of the world.

According to Smoktien, the wood-carved statues will remain at the site of the festival to adorn the Baykal Beach amusement park in the suburb of Angarsk.

He said that the collection of wood sculptures currently includes more than 200 wooden statues, adding that pine wood is a basic material used by sculptors in their creativity.

The festival is held every year in the Lake Baikal area since 2011.

Lake Baikal is one of the deepest lakes in Asia, with the world's largest water resources available.

Source: TASS


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