The rules of wearing smart and stylish clothing in the winter

Arabs today - the rules of wearing smart and stylish clothes in the winter

The most difficult rule of dress is to wear informal clothing that is elegant, simple and intelligent, but in this cold season we talk about heavy clothes, according to the editor Fashion In the Guardian Jess Cartner Murley, elegant clothing should not be light, and that smart heavy clothes should not be just clothes feel the individual warmth without concern for its shape.

The abandonment of dress rules in the winter and the wearing of random layers of inappropriate clothing would make the person's appearance bad, lumpy and messy. The appearance will be like a snowman, but arranging and arranging clothing will make the appearance better and help to feel warm during the cold winter weather.

"The best thing to start with is underwear," she said. "You can get it from the Uniqlo's store, which offers a wonderful winter heating kit, and you can get it from John Lewis, which offers thin, fur-lined panties for more warmth. Woolen "polo" necklaces that are available at the Marks & Spencer stores

She confirmed that the best jackets areCoats She has an interior lining of soft fur, noting that the element of color is very important in clothes and although the winter season is a sad season for some where they prefer to wear black and gray with black scarves and structure. Morley prefers to wear vibrant colors like pink with coral scarves.

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