The recovery specialist detects the perfect pulse rate

The recovery specialist detects the perfect pulse rate

The pulse indicates the number of heart beats, and gives accurate perceptions of the body's reaction to the daily burden and heavier than it. But how should the pulse be?

Dr. Alexander Kvetilianov explains that the concept of "normal" pulse is varied because it is related to age, sex, level of physical activity, nervous stress and other factors. Therefore, in the case of calm, the human pulse rate of 55-80 per minute. The number of men is lower than that of women.

"Pulse should be measured periodically because the change in heart rate in older people may be a sign of dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular structure, or stress."

At birth, the heartbeat reaches 140 beats per minute. At the age of adolescence, 60-70 beats per minute. After 30 years of age, the heart beat increases by 5-10 strokes every 5-10 years in relation to the body's specificity and lifestyle. If the pulse in the left hand is radically different from that of the right hand, this indicates a narrowing or disease in the arteries of either side.

Therefore, you should see your doctor for any difference in pulse, and when you feel "dysfunction of the heart." There are various factors that affect the heartbeat ie in the pulse.

  • After eating the pulse may increase
  • Changing the body's position leads to a faster pulse.
  • The pulse is increased in hot air because the number of heart cramps increases in the heat.
  • Body activity decreases during sleep and with pulse.

If there is no disease, the pulse returns to normal after 15 minutes. But the continuous increase in heart rate may be due to a heart injury to an illness, nervous system or endocrine, tumors, infection, or anemia. A low pulse rate may indicate a risk of myocardial infarction, myocarditis, elevated intracranial pressure, ulcers or hypothyroidism.

Source: Medicom Forum


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