The poisonous reality of "harmless" electronic cigarettes!

The poisonous reality of "harmless" electronic cigarettes!

Electronic cigarettes are promoted as "the best option" to quit smoking altogether, supposedly safer than regular cigarettes by 95%, but medical experts say the opposite.

These battery-powered portable devices simulate smoking a regular cigarette by heating liquid (in a refillable tank), which generates inhaled nicotine vapor from the user. Once heated, the substances in the steam are divided into toxic chemicals, such as acetaldehyde.

Recently, Professor Dam Salis Davis, the chief medical officer in England, said that some people had to breathe "rising white clouds" from electronic cigarette vapor, so they should be allowed at home only to prevent their negative health effects from reaching non-smokers.

There is growing evidence that electronic cigarette fumes damage the lungs, heart or brain.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham linked the habit to chronic respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, while their colleagues at Stanford University found that electronic cigarette flavors damage vascular cells, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke.

A study by the University of Nevada found that large amounts of carcinogenic chemicals, including formaldehyde, are absorbed by the lungs in a typical electronic smoking session. At the same time, research conducted by the European Lung Foundation suggests that e-cigarette smoking can cause atherosclerosis in a similar way to tobacco smoking.

In Canada, the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited under the age of 19. In 2009, Uruguay imposed a blanket ban on electronic cigarettes: the Minister of Health referred to toxic gases and there was no evidence that electronic cigarettes were effective in quitting smoking.

More recently, the World Health Organization has recommended that adults and children should not be inhaled by e-cigarette smoke, which is used by others in indoor settings.

Source: Daily Mail

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