The person responsible for the urge to eat is discovered

The person responsible for the urge to eat is discovered

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A craving for tasty food and sugars comes from the center of the emotional brain, a new study suggests.

This region of the brain, called the amygdala, "lights up" when mice enjoy eating, not only any type of food, but also those with lots of calories, scientists at the University of North Carolina have discovered.

Scientists believe their discovery could provide a goal to develop a weight-loss drug that would inhibit the desire to continue eating fatty foods without interfering with regular and necessary eating habits.

The study shows that emotions, or at least emotional centers in our brains, lead us to eat, which has not been abundant throughout the ages, leading to the development of a system in the brain ordering us to get as much food as possible, as long as we can.

Our metabolic systems have the advantage of converting the fat we consume into energy, so (from an evolutionary point of view), a high-fat diet is a good idea.

The study concluded that there are two ways to eat: anal eating with a view to live, and harmonious eating for pleasure.

More recently, scientists have shifted their focus to eating pleasure, and discovered a protein called neosptin, which appears to be more active when mice and humans eat both savory and rich food, which keeps us doing so.

Therefore, the drug that obscures this protein can limit our desire to over-eat.

Scientists have studied the tonsil for a long time, linking it to pain, anxiety and fear, but the recent findings confirm it is also linked to other things, such as regulation of metabolic food.

Source: Daily Mail


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