The most prominent methods of hair staining after bathing for an irresistible smell

The Arabs today - the most prominent ways to tarnish hair after bathing for an irresistible smell

Use fragrance on hair

There are a lot of international brands that have launched hair care products where you can use them after showering and that maintain a beautiful hair scent throughout the day. After showering, dry your hair with a towel. Brush the fragrance flask on the brush and comb the tips of your wet hair. Keep your hair dry in the open air and enjoy the day with an irresistible smell of hair.

Moisturizing cream

Another way you can change your hair is by adding some scented natural ingredients to your hair moisturizing creams. Add a little of your favorite musk oil, oud or fragrance to the cream or oil that moisturizes your hair, and gently apply the mixture to your wet hair follicles after bathing and then let the hair dry out in the open air.

Smear the hair through the conditioner

If you do not use moisturizing creams, you can put a little cinnamon powder and lemon peel powder into your hair conditioner. This will give your hair an attractive scent that lasts for days.

Shampoo hair with natural oils

Bring two or more aromatic oils that you prefer: rosemary oil, jasmine oil, coconut oil and lavender oil. Mix two types, then put them on your hair follicle. Avoid scalp and leave it at night for at least three hours. Wash hair with a mild shampoo for children and show off fragrant hair for days.

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