The most popular theme park is Chiche Chase

The most popular theme park is Chiche Chase for young children the most popular theme park is chiche chase

The most popular theme park is Chiche ChaseChuck E. Cheese is a recreational city with a variety of games, including electronic ones, including handicrafts, and restaurants, including a closed restaurant for children. This name is a global American in the world of entertainment and entertainment, and the amusement park of Cheki Chase is a tourist attraction that attracts many tourists. , And you can learn more about The most popular theme park is Chiche Chase Through the site Cultural information.

Chuck E. Cheese Theme Park

There are many amusement parks in the north of Jeddah, including the Chiche Chase theme park. It has two branches in Jeddah. The last branch was opened in 2011. There are entertainment games such as electronic games, ice skating, bowling and family sessions overlooking the sea. , And closed restaurants, air conditioned and offering delicious meals, including pizza, and is located on the Corniche Road, and the purpose of the theme park is to introduce happiness and joy to the hearts of young children.

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Components of Chuck E. Cheese

The games consist of children's toys, electronic games, video games, special games for young children, games in an area divided into Toddler Zone, Kiddie Area, Skill Games & Arcades, bowling alley, ice skating rink , A children's theater, dining tables with views of the Corniche, families, children and relax after enjoying playing in the play area, which is very safe for children.

Best activity in Chuck E. Cheese

  • The Chiche Chase theme park features many online games and modern video games that children love.
  • The amusement parks include electronic hand-held games and hand-held games that can be controlled by hands.
  • The amusement park includes a bowling alley to strengthen muscles for adults, children, increase concentration, and burn many calories.
  • The Chiche Chase theme park features an ice skating rink, with trainers responsible for training children to stand up, and skate control.
  • The theme park features a children's theater that offers entertainment performances by famous actors, clowns, and shows with Helen, Jasper, Master Manch and Pascualy, and can play with them.
  • The theme parks contain places for family sessions where parents can follow their children while they play.
  • Events, festivals, and bazaars are displayed at the theme park.
  • The taverns include many restaurants, cafés offering salad buffet, pizza, some cold drinks, hot cakes, sweets and donuts.
  • It has clean bathrooms.
  • Contains chapels for women and men.
  • Chiche Chase theme parks allow for Christmas.
  • The Chiche Chase theme park allows children to collect gift cards to receive a gift, which is disbursed from the gift-giving section, which features a variety of gifts and toys, which makes the child feel fun.

Prices for Chuck E. Cheese

The price of admission to the Chiche Chase theme park is free, but the payment is on activities within the theme park, by buying coins with some special offers for children.

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Chuck E. Cheese

The working hours of the Cheky Chez Amusement Park are on all days of the week, from 8 am to 1 am, except on Sundays. Working hours are from 8 am to 12 am.

Place Chuck E. Cheese theme park

There are two sections of the Cheki Chase theme park in Jeddah, the theme park is Chaki Chase 1, which is located on the Corniche Road, close to the waterfall park in Jeddah, and the Cheki Chase 2 theme park is located in Tahlia Street in Al-Rehab neighborhood in Jeddah.

Chuck E. Cheese contact information

Visitors and tourists can inquire about some of the information about the Chicky Chase theme park by phone number of the club, which is +96626062608 or +966122566699.

Hotels near Chuck E. Cheese Amusement Park

The theme park is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jeddah, attracting many tourists. For this reason, there are many hotels that offer services and wonderful facilities, including:
• The Villevet Hotel is located 3 km from the Chiche Chase theme park.
• The Renz Hotel is close to the Chiche Chase theme park, 3.3 km².
• Mohammedia Palace is a hotel that welcomes visitors who want to stay in hotel suites, and the hotel is very close to the Chiche Chase theme park in Jeddah.
• Platinum Hotel is located close to Tahlia Street about 2 km away and Al Serifi Mall in Jeddah, suitable for those who prefer self service apartments and hotel suites.

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This was an overview The most popular theme park is Chiche Chase for young children, Where you can get to know the best places and visit them, and enjoy a beautiful trip by identifying all the distinctive entertainment places.


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