The most popular and rich Asian food restaurants in Riyadh

Al Arab Al Youm - The most popular and rich Asian food restaurants in Riyadh

From time to time, people yearn to change their style of eating and experimenting with new recipes from different countries as a kind of change and out of the ordinary, away from traditional and popular dishes we can shave away to the East Asian regions, which contain a wide variety of rich and useful foods .

It is located in Riyadh Some of the most famous restaurants offering different Asian meals let us take you on a tour to get to know them:

Chinese Cuisine:
Chinese cuisine is a distinctive way of cooking food spread in the provinces of China, some of which have spread and become known in many countries of the world, is not dispensed with Chinese cuisine For its distinctive vegetables such as farm ring, soy, tofu, potatoes, green onions, taro, soy sauce, soy sauce in almost all foods as well as rice.

Restaurants serving in Riyadh:

Canton Restaurant:
For more than 25 years, Canton has been providing fast and fresh Chinese meals. Canton carefully selects its varieties to ensure the variety of each dish. Through the most famous Chinese sauces and ingredients in meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, rice and noodles, 70 branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Yummy Wok Restaurant
It offers a distinctive selection of Chinese cuisine and serves a distinctive food delivery service to many areas within Saudi Arabia. It is the first restaurant in Saudi Arabia to specialize in the delicious Asian flavors.

Japanese cuisine
Japanese foods are based on the combination of staple foods, rice or pasta, as well as fish, meat, vegetables, tofu and the like. These dishes are usually flavored with dashi, miso, soy sauce and usually light-fat.

Restaurants serving in Riyadh:

Sushi Yoshi Restaurant
The restaurant features high-quality ingredients imported directly from Japan, to ensure you the originality and pleasure of each dish, and a wide menu, prepared to suit all tastes from beginner to sushi and end to the lovers.

Nozomi Restaurant
The award-winning restaurant brings a unique and exciting dining experience to the heart of Riyadh. Nozomi offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with a menu concept designed to stimulate the palate, as well as stimulating a unique relaxing atmosphere.

Thai Cuisine
The Thai cuisine is designed to harmonize and balance the flavors. The Thai meal consists of soup or salad, the main course and one or two types of cookies. The quantities are often very small, and the popularity of Thai cuisine has increased globally. Balance four flavors combined in the same meal without overpowering the flavor on the other.

Restaurants serving service in Riyadh
The Villa Restaurant
An Asian restaurant serving the best Thai cuisine, the restaurant offers a wide choice of Thai food lovers, serving Thai specialties with a distinct service. The restaurant is located on Orouba Street near the Eye Hospital.

Bangkok Seafood Restaurant
On Al Orouba Road near King Khalid Hospital, you will find one of the most delicious restaurants offering Thai cuisine in Riyadh with its wide choice and amazing variety of food. You will feel as if you are dining inside an authentic Thai restaurant. Thai fried rice, Thai noodles and small meats, From ingredients used in Thai dishes, these ingredients will enchant your world.

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