The most important ways to treat colic at the baby you know

The Arabs today - the most important ways to treat colic at the baby know it

There is no specific reason for the suffering of the baby from the colic. It may be because of his previous condition in your womb or that he suffers from muscular or skeletal pain related to the skeleton, joints, neck or back, just as adults suffer after staying in a certain position for a long time.

How do you help your child?
If you think your child is suffering from colic, some stretching and stretching will help him feel comfortable.

Pleasant Movement:
There is no need for certain movements, but you can help him move his body slowly and gently in any way he feels comfortable with stopping if he seems resentful. Your singing might love him during that.

Take the upper part
His back is on his back and his arms are open. Put his hands together gently to clap, then open them again, put the child's hands on his body as if he embraced himself and opened them again. Then put his hands next to him and lift them over his head and finally lift hands together over the head and dismount.

Bring down the bottom
Stretch it on your stomach and hold your ankles with your two hands and lift them gently so that the buttocks rise a little while keeping your shoulders on the floor. Then hold the feet and slowly bend the knees, then relax them to meet the bottom of the feet together. Then hold it under the knee and the knees and gently lift them towards the stomach, and repeat the full steps.

Skull bones
Some children may relax to massage this area with a specialist. It will relieve tension and make his body work more efficiently. Many mothers have acknowledged this way.

Your baby may cry a lot, and it will get worse at night, and even if you push him to hug him, he will not relax completely, but hugging him may make him feel a bit more comfortable. He may also be happy for some time and sleep well but once he wakes up crying. When he buries, he returns, and may be angry if you bend him and put him on your shoulder, even on his stomach will cry.

Tip: Perform some feeding movements with your baby with each change of diaper.

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