The most important tips for a better intimate relationship for diabetics

The most important tips for a better intimate relationship for diabetics

If you have diabetes or your husband is suffering from it and you do not know what is the best solution for a normal and good intimate relationship, we will give you today's femininity tips for a better intimate relationship for diabetics.

Diabetic patient? Do not be surprised by the problem of ED

Negative effect of diabetes

Diabetes is commonly known to weaken sexual ability during intimacy, but according to recent studies it has been shown that the proportion of people who suffer from ED due to diabetes, ranging from 35 to 75%, besides diabetes is a disease that facilitates coexistence with them in a regular state In addition, the doctors confirm that changing the lifestyle of a diabetic helps to improve his or her health.

Intimacy is good for diabetics but because of some of the damage that may cause diabetes in the body becomes a human defect in the enjoyment of pleasure during the intimacy or reach the peak in which besides may cause diabetes in women vaginal dryness, causing pain during the relationship Intimate.

What is the difference between diabetes type I and II?
Important Tips For Diabetics In Intimacy

– Since diabetes may cause vaginal dryness for women, they should use the necessary external moisturizers. Some women may be concerned about the possibility of hypoglycaemia during the relationship, so they should take a piece of candy or juice before intimacy or after the relationship directly.

– Keep your blood sugar level and avoid the things that cause disturbance as well as control and maintain the level of blood pressure and it is necessary to avoid foods that cause the increase of cholesterol and accumulation of triglycerides in the blood and the most important of which is to eat healthy food referred to in accordance with this condition.


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