The most important tips and natural methods to narrow the large pores

Arabs today - the most important tips and natural methods to narrow the large pores

The large pores of the skin problems of women who suffer from fatty and mixed skin, where the oils produced by the skin and dust in the air fill the pores, making them look wider than the real size. This problem usually prevents you from enjoying a pure and bright heroine.

This is why we present to you in this line the most important tricks and natural recipes that help to narrow the large pores without the need to use makeup powders in hiding.

– Clean your face twice a day with a gentle lotion dedicated to oily skin and helps to modify the acidity of the skin. We recommend using the Sebamed or La Roche-Posay lotion.

– Avoid washing your face sharply, when the skin becomes very dry pores will produce more oils to rebalance.

– Treat your skin with a 2-minute ice cube. Coolness helps close the wide pores. After showering with hot water, it is also recommended to rinse the skin with cold water to re-close the pores after hot water and steam have opened.

Honey and lemon are effective masks in the treatment of the problem of large pores. Honey works to clean the pores while the lemon tightens the skin. Add two tablespoons of honey to lemon juice and knead them for minutes, then leave the mixture for ten minutes and wash your skin with warm water.

– Peel your skin twice a week with a nice peel to help remove the dead skin cells that fill the pores.

– Scanning the face with rose water after washing in the morning contributes to narrowing the open pores and enhance the brightness of the skin and rose water is a good alternative to toner skin.

– You can make a mask of sodium bicarbonate as it helps to peel the skin fighting blackheads and then keep the pores narrow. Mix two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate with a little water so that it is enough to make a dough and then spread it over your face in circular movements and then wash your face.

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