The most famous and most famous cities of northern Turkish tourist

Turkey's most famous cities and tourist north The most famous and most famous cities of northern Turkish tourist

The most famous and most famous cities of northern Turkish tourist, Turkey is located in the Middle East, which is located between Asia and the continent of Europe, bordered to the north by Georgia and the Black Sea. The most famous and most famous cities of northern Turkish tourist Through the site Cultural information.

Northern Turkish tourist cities

  • North Turki is the bride of Turkish cities, tourist cities that attract tourists from around the world.
  • The northern cities of Turkey are cities of beauty and charm. Cities enjoy the green spaces covering mountains, plains and areas overlooking the Black Sea, especially the cities near the Black Sea, in northwestern Turkey, and host thousands of tourists from all over the world. the world.
  • Especially the Arab world in the summer. The cities of the north of Turkey are characterized by the beauty of the sanctuaries, the divine nature of forests, green pastures, very high elevations, waterfalls on the mountains, the waterbed that adorns and gives northern Turkey beauty.
  • These cities are comfortable, relaxed and quiet, far from the city's hustle and bustle.

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• City of Ordo

Located in the north of Turkey on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys a charming landscape of pure beaches, and the atmosphere of the city of Ordo enjoys beauty, and moderate.

It is considered one of the most famous cities in the north of Turkey. The Turks called it the land of calm, the heart of the north, a piece of paradise, the city of oxygen, and there is a sandy beach characterized by cleanliness.

The city of Ordo has a state-of-the-art state, quiet rivers from its mountains and numerous natural waterfalls. It is about 100 waterfalls in the city, such as the Kedengik Falls, 20 km away from the city, and the Ohdamis waterfall, the largest waterfall in the Black Sea region. 30 meters, Jesali Falls, which lies between the forests of the village of Ibasti in the city of Ordo, and the depth of the water about 4 meters, and characterized by the coldness of water, and its laziness.

• City of Artvin

The city is a Turkish city on the eastern coast of northern Turkey. It is characterized by a view of the Black Sea. The city of Artvin has very steep terrain. The city is surrounded by high mountains, which are about 3,900 meters above sea level. They feature lakes, forests and various national parks. Artvin is a city of Georgian and Turkish Muslims.

• Trabzon City

The city is situated on the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey. It is located on the historical Silk Road. The Turkish commercial gate is located on the Caucasus in the north-east, the Republic of Iran and most of the inhabitants of Trabzon are Panatians, Turks and Greeks. The history dates back to the 8th century BC Greek, and then occupied by the Romans in 65 BC, was captured by the Turkish Sultan Bayezid II in 1461, and then became under the control of the Ottoman Empire.

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• Village of Ayder ayder yaylası

The village is located in the north of Turkey. The village is located in the province of Riza. The village is 1335 meters above sea level. The village is characterized by beauty and magic. The village has the best Turkish pastries and Turkish pastries, , Dense forests and many waterfalls. The village of Eder is a painting of beauty and charm.

• Samson City

The city of Samson is characterized by its unique climate, where in the summer it is humid, hot, and in winter it is cold, wet, and characterized by The city of Samsun is the main port on the Black Sea coast. The city of Samsun can be reached by all means of land, sea, and air transport. The city has Samson Museum, Ghazi Museum, Culture Palace, Tikka Cave, And other attractions.

• Rize City

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the north of Turkey. There are many natural tourist spots and there is a view of the Black Sea coast.

• Uzungöl town of Oznjul

It is one of the northern cities of Turkey. It is a mountainous region characterized by charming landscapes. Its beautiful mountains are covered with green areas and its water is blue. This is a picturesque painting. It is a tourist city that attracts foreign tourists and Arabs from all over the world. Green, which is enhanced by beauty and attractiveness, especially when covered by fog. The city is characterized by the Islamic character in terms of the good morals of the villagers and their committed dress.

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This was an overview The most famous and most famous cities of northern Turkish tourist, Where you can get to know the best tourist cities in the north of Turkey, and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque to get a pleasant tourist trip.


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