The most expensive contraceptive drugs in Russia and hair cutting in the UAE

Arabs today - the most expensive contraceptive drugs in Russia and hair cutting in the UAE

A recent study has revealed that the prices of beauty products and health care for women around the world are different. Women from different ethnicities around the world use beauty and health care products, as well as interest in your beauty from your desire to get a hair story or perhaps a contraceptive method. Being a woman is expensive as these products are priced.

The most expensive contraceptive drugs in Russia and hair cutting in the UAE

The UK's Daily Mail published a new study revealing where women spend a lot of money to buy these products. The biggest difference in the cost of health care products is about £ 80. In the United Arab Emirates, hair cutting costs £ 80, While in the Philippines it will cost you only 8 pounds.

Many people believe that contraception is a women's right, and women are given drugs free of charge, but in some countries it is not. Women pay £ 23 per month for these drugs.

Currentbody, the manufacturer of health and beauty products, selected 22 countries to conduct the study, and ensured that these countries contained as many different cultures as possible.

The research covered the main cities of each country, and found that the difference in prices between countries in Western Europe such as London compared to Paris was small, which is why many European countries have not yet been included in the data set.

The most expensive contraceptive drugs in Russia and hair cutting in the UAE

Russia is one of the most expensive countries to buy pills with a monthly bill of £ 23, while countries such as Argentina, Canada, China, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom do not charge any fees. Among other countries, Contraception was Japan for £ 17.25, Finland for £ 11.86, Australia for £ 11.4, Ireland for £ 9.45, Norway for £ 6.13, United Arab Emirates for £ 5.88, Colombia for £ 4.94, Malaysia for 4.75 Pounds sterling.

While most women receive medicines such as oral contraceptives, most women see access to health products as a basic human right.

Campaigns such as "Bloody Good Period" and "The Homeless Period" have helped raise awareness of the problem, but women in many countries seem to be paying high amounts for health products. Women in Japan buy sanitary pads at a cost of £ 10.88 , The country is India at £ 3.50, and in a country such as China it costs £ 10.45, the UAE is £ 9.01 and the UK is £ 6.34. Facial care products, including face lotion, toner and facial cleansers, The last price in Finland is about 7.12 pounds sterling, and in Indonesia Only £ 72, in the UK £ 2.9, Croatia £ 1.08, and India £ 1.23.

The cost of removing wax hair in Finland is £ 73.65, in India it costs £ 73.49 and in the UK £ 31.00, less than half the price of Finland. Other places include prices in Australia where it costs about £ 54.95, Japan at £ 72.93 and Norway at £ 60.40. However, the Dominican population appears to be getting a good deal, as leg wax costs only £ 5.73.

The manicure and nail care industry is very widespread all over the world, while pharmacies are full of many nail care brands.

Norway is the world's most expensive place for nail care, with women paying £ 46.04, in the Philippines £ 1.92, in the UK £ 17, in New Zealand £ 21.84, in the UAE the cost of a bowl is £ 88.41, £ 8.40, in the United Kingdom £ 56 and in the United States £ 57.75.


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