The most beautiful window of the wax museum

The most beautiful window of the Wax Museum the most beautiful window of the wax museum

The most beautiful window of the wax museum, The wax museum is considered one of the best museums in the world. It was the fourth place after the museums of France, England and Australia. The wax museum was built by the Egyptian artist George Abdulmalek in 1934. The museum was opened in the same year. Editing, and then transferred to Garden City, you can learn more about The most beautiful window of the wax museum Through the site Cultural information.

Contents of the wax museum

The Wax Museum is an educational museum where the museum has many waxy statues. This wax material has made the characters give you the impression that they are figures of blood and flesh. It includes 116 statues from the 18th century to the July 1952 revolution.

The scenes of the Prophet Moses from the Nile, the backdrop of the scenes of the Nile, the Pharaonic temples, the Throne of Asia, scenes of the treatment of Richard the Lionheart by Saladin, and also the capture of Louis IX, and also Scenes to exit the cover of the Kaaba from Egypt, and the building of the museum has a garden with statues.

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Sections and contents of the wax museum

  • The museum building is divided into sections, where the museum building consists of a group of halls, each hall reserved for a specific period of time, and each hall has a garden surrounded by.
  • In the museum there are rooms connected to each other that make the visitor watch an age, and pass to another era in a sequential manner, ie, the historical period is intertwined with historical events.
  • And the halls end with corridors at the end of which there are other galleries showing the museum's other holdings. At the beginning of the museum, the visitor sees the section on the age of the Pharaoh, which lists the history of the family 12, the family that was ruled by Egypt 250 years, and the statues of this family, Amenhotep IV, King Akhenaten, his wife Queen Nefertari, and also Commander Horb Moheb, and his wife.
  • And there is beside the lover of the Tigers of the savage, which was in the battles accompanied by armies, and other scenes Pharaonic, and there is the museum section of the nights of Ramadan, and there is a religious scene, a scene to lift Moses from the Nile.

There are also:

  • And a scene of the Prophet Yusuf when he was imprisoned for refusing to Zlikha Aziz Egypt's wife when she accused him of running on herself and was in prison with the king's legs, and the baker.
  • The scene of the flight of Mrs. Maryam with her Joseph Najjar to Egypt from King Herodt in Palestine, where it took a long journey from Palestine to Sina, Wadi Al-Natroun, and Deir Muharraq in the city of Assiut.
  • At the end of this hall there is a collection of scenes that tell stories, stories of the Covenant of Islam, the adult caliphs, and most of the Muslim leaders.
  • In these scenes, there is a statue of Abdullah bin Mas'ud, known as the reader of the Koran during the era of the Prophet, and also a scene of the Kaaba, which is emerging from Egypt since the rule of the tree Durr revolution July 1952.
  • In this hall there is a scene of the treatment of Richard the Lionheart with the help of Saladin, as well as how to win Salah al-Din and liberate Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187 at the site of Hittin.
  • In another hall an interview is an Islamic hall, with a scene of Louis IX, and his family at Ibn Luqman House in Mansoura, after his defeat by the leader of the tree Aldr Qatz.
  • And another hall with typical scenes of President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
  • And the scene of Ramadan nights in the Egyptian street where the use of lanterns.
  • The scene tells the model of folk art where the Arajuz, the wax museum is characterized as linking the past, present and in a magnificent image.

How to get to the museum

You can reach the wax museum by riding the Cairo Metro, get off at the Ein Helwan metro station, then walk a short distance. There is a sign next to a column pointing to the museum building with a arrow and underneath it you are welcome to the wax museum.

General information about the wax museum

  • The address of the museum is at the intersection of Mansour Street and the end of Rial Street, Helwan, Egypt.
  • The price of the entrance ticket to the museum in the morning period for Egyptians and Arabs is twenty pounds, while the children and the students are five pounds, watching the mummy for 20 pounds, the foreigners for 120 pounds, watching the mummy for 150 pounds, a ticket for foreigners at 240 pounds for the museum and watching the mummy together.
  • The ticket price for the museum on Sunday and Thursday only is for an evening period. Tickets for Egyptians and Arabs are EGP 30, to watch the mummy for EGP 60, for children, students for LE 15, to watch the mummy for LE 30, for the foreign visitor for LE 180, and to watch the mummy for LE 225.
  • Working Hours The Museum operates throughout the week from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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This was a brief about The most beautiful window of the wax museum, Where you can find out all the museum's information as well as its contents.


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