The most beautiful restaurants overlooking the Sultan Murad Heights

The most beautiful restaurants overlooking Sultan Murad Heights The most beautiful restaurants overlooking the Sultan Murad Heights

aRestaurant sentences overlooking Sultan Murad HeightsThe Sultan Mourad Heights is one of the most important landmarks of the city of Trabzon. Its height is 2000 feet above sea level. It is located in the western part of Trabzon and in northern Turkey on the Black Sea. The charming Ouzngul Lake is 35 kilometers away. Km from the city of Trabzon, and you can follow more information on The most beautiful restaurants overlooking Sultan Murad Heights Through the site Cultural information.

Top landmarks in Sultan Murad Yaylası

The Sultan Murad Heights are considered to be one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey and attract tourists from all over the world, especially the Arab countries, where they enjoy nature. It is a destination for anyone visiting Trabzon. The region has luxury hotels to enjoy, And retreat in the embrace of nature, and tourists can stay in apartments rented for a period, and there is in the heights of Sultan Murad tourist attractions, including:

Sümela Monastery Manastırı

It is considered to be one of the most important places and tourist attractions. The monastery is located in the mountains of Benatus in northeastern Turkey on the coast of the Black Sea. It is built in the fourth century AD on steep slopes in Machka. It is close to the city of Trabzon. The monastery is an eastern Orthodox monastery, The Virgin Mary, includes the Sumila Monastery on the Rock Church, places of prayer, student rooms, library, holy spring, kitchen, guest house, and the monastery attracts many tourists.

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Lake Uzungöl

The lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions around the world. The lake is located 1100 meters above sea level. The lake is 100 kilometers from the city of Trabzon. The lake enjoys the cold water that is suitable for living the river salmon. The lake is located on the foothills of the Sujani Mountains, The lake enjoys widespread fishing, especially river salmon.

Ata Köy şelalesi waterfall

There is a waterfall in the entrance to Murad Heights, a small waterfall, which gets water from melting snow, rainwater falling in autumn and winter on Sultan Murad heights. The waterfall overlooks a small cafe featuring authentic Turkish tea. Memorial with the waterfall, and the surrounding area.

Features of Sultan Murad Heights

The view from the top of the mountains where the clouds and the clouds are below is due to the high altitude of the mountainsides, which makes you feel like a dream. The Sultan Murad Heights are a tourist attraction of Turkey, called Yayla Sultan Murad.

The climate is varied, with Sultan Murad in the spring, and the summer is green because the highlands are covered with green areas. In winter and autumn, the highlands are covered by snow so they are white. It is possible to go to Sultan Murad Heights by walking on the coastal road before the road Ouznjul with a distance of 2 km in Chakra area.

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Things to do in Sultan Murad Yaylası Heights

  • Enjoy a tour of the charming landscapes of Sultan Murad Heights.
  • Take great souvenir photos with stunning landscapes.
  • Sit in one of Sultan Murad's high-rise restaurants or cafés for lunch, hot or cold drinks, and enjoy the interesting lengthening of these restaurants.
  • Enjoy the many wildlife wildlife that are found in Sultan Murad Heights, including squirrels and deer.
  • Enjoy a camping trip and you can get the equipment for a trip to the confinement of commercial places spread in the heights of Sultan Murad.
  • Sultan Murad Heights has many hotels, the best of which are Belek Yaylakat Hotel, Hotel, Café and Restaurant Imidani.
  • Enjoy the presence of festivals, concerts held in the area by its inhabitants by night, including concerts, traditional dances, and comedies.
  • Visiting the Sumila Monastery, one of the best sights of Trabzon, is located close to the highlands.
  • Enjoy fishing at the world-famous Lake Ouzengol.

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The most beautiful restaurants in the heights of Sultan Murad

The Sultan Murad Heights in Trabzon Turkey has many restaurants serving Turkish, local and international dishes. These include AYMEYDANI HOTEL CAFE RESTAURANT, one of the best restaurants in Sultan Murad Heights.

The hotel offers a variety of activities and services. The hotel offers a restaurant, a restaurant and a café. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes and dishes. It is located in an active area in the heights of Sultan Murad.

Located next to Rize Universit, Trabzon Airport and Cevahir Outlet Shopping Center, Machka is accessible to Imidani Restaurant with a 40-minute drive. The address of the restaurant is Sultanmurat Yolu Uzeri Catma Mevkii Caykara / Trabzon, Sultan Murad Yaylasi, Turkey.

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This was an overview The most beautiful restaurants overlooking the Sultan Murad Heights, Where you can enjoy the best views of these highlands and recreation with its breathtaking views, as well as the best restaurants that provide meals for the distinctive visitors.


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