The moon will get its own mobile network by 2019

Arabs Today - The Moon will get its own mobile network by 2019

The moon is about to get its own mobile network, in a giant leap for 4G network "4G".

Vodafone, Germany,Nokia", To build the first network" 4G "on the moon, the network, which is scheduled to be built in 2019, supported the first private moon mission funded by a team of scientists

The company "PTScientists", based in the German capital Berlin

The group of scientists was one of several teams competing in the Google Lunar X Prize, a special moon contest that will end in March, but although it is over, PTS's mission to the moon will not end.

The group aims to launch a spacecraft and two small vehicles to the moon from Cape Canaveral, Florida, aboard a Space X Falcon 9 rocket during the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.

The fourth generation of the moon, announced by Vodafone Germany on Tuesday (February 27th), will support the two PTS, Audi Quattro and ALINA.

PTS scientists will use their spacecraft to study the lunar craft used by Apollo 17 astronauts during their historic mission in December 1972 to the Taurus-Littrow Valley.

Vodafone has chosen Nokia to build a version of the "Ultra Compact" network, which will be the lightest ever, only 2.2 pounds, and representatives of "Vodafone"In a statement it will be the size of 1 kilogram.

"This project has a radically innovative approach to mobile network infrastructure development and is a great example of an independent, multi-skilled team that achieves an important goal through its courage, pioneering spirit and creativity," said Vodafone chief executive Hans Amitster in the same statement. "He said.

Under the plan, the 4G network will enable communication, transmission of scientific data and high-definition VVideo files, in the first live broadcast of HD video from the moon.

According to the statement, the signal, which will operate at 1800 MHz, "will be broadcast to a global audience via a deep satellite link connected to the PTScientists server at the mission control center in Berlin.

Robert Pome, CEO of PTS, called the 4G network a crucial first step in the sustainable exploration of the solar system. Using the 4G network, PTScientists will be able to send data from the Quattro Rovers to the Earth station without depleting precious energy reserves , Or requiring spacecraft to be stationary during data transfer.

Nokia said such projects mean future investment and infrastructure development, which will help discover and study space.


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