The Mercedes E400d offers its driver comfort during driving

The Arabs today - the Mercedes E400d offers its driver comfort while driving

Britons have been focusing on family cars for decades and are still buying a lot of them despite the fact that SUVs have dominated family cars.

Colin Goodon, the editor of the British newspaper The Mercur, said the family car works well, with its salon, economy and handling. You get more space for not paying a lot of money because of the salon space.

"I wrote years ago that if I bought a family car for my whole life, it would be Mercedes Benz Of the E-Class, and I made more of this decision after using the E400d for a week. The same model is not new but the engine, a 3-liter diesel with a pair of turbines, 340 hp, torque 700Nm, and the official fuel consumption figure is 46.3 miles per gallon. In fact, you may find it difficult to improve the figure with the E220d Low energy. "

"The top speed of the hour is not an inconvenient 155 miles, you will enjoy the extraordinary acceleration of 0-62 mph in 5.1 seconds, and the engine itself is exceptionally isolated from the passenger compartment where you can hardly hear it in idle mode."

"The engine is moving through a nine-speed automatic gearbox that helps keep the car quiet and refined. In fact, many bumps will allow the car to accelerate from 30 mph to highway speeds without having to leave the sixth gear."

"The 4MATIC 4WD system is standard and confirms its work in extreme conditions, and is not fooled into believing that this issports car "It's a 1990-kilogram car, and it feels great, but its driving is very comfortable."

"Through the corners, it will move and feel like a non-sport car. This is not cash. It's a car that you should feel comfortable driving, which you feel while driving in the city or on the highway."

"The car comes in at £ 54,685, and all the seats are made of leather, and you can pay more for extra benefits. For example, our test car has the Pacific Aceite Plus package of £ 1695, Which provides you with technical advantages such as maximum speed and control of radar installation with the help of active guidance. "

"I have had an E-Class car for family cars for about 10 years and I regret to sell it today. If I buy the E400d, I will not make a mistake selling it again."

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