The manned Soyuz is landing successfully in Kazakhstan

the manned soyuz is landing successfully in kazakhstan

The Russian manned Soyuz MS-11, carrying Russian astronauts Oleg Kononenko, American Anne Macklin and Canadian David San-Jack, landed successfully.

This was reported on Tuesday [June 25th] by a spokesman for the Moscow-based Space Flight Management Center.

The landing took place in the desert of the Republic of Kazakhstan in an area 145 kilometers southeast of the city of Jazakazgan.

Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovechinen and NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Christina Cook have stayed aboard the space station to continue their planned work.

The vehicle separated from the station at 2.25 to land on the ground at 5.48 on the morning of June 25 Moscow time.

The spacecraft crew members were successfully evacuated from the landing area of ​​Kazakhstan to the Baikonur Russian space base, the spokesman said.

The next space mission will launch to the International Space Station on July 20, including Russian, American and European astronauts.

Russia's Ross Cosmos has denied information about problems encountered by the Russian spacecraft during landing due to the breakdown of a hydraulic system in the engine of the vehicle.

A spokesman for the Foundation said that all the devices and systems in the vehicle "Soyuz" manned in accordance with the requirements of the space program completely.

Source: TASS

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