The legend Iniesta wears a "badge" of leadership in Vesel Kobe

The legend Iniesta wears a "badge" of leadership in Vesel Kobe

Japan's Vesel Kobe on Tuesday gave Andres Iniesta the lead a week after his German teammate Lukas Podolski gave up.

The club announced on Twitter that the Spanish legend, who joined Kobe less than a year ago, will wear the helm and will be assisted by Japanese duo Daegu Nishi and Hotaru Yamaguchi.

Despite world-class stars like Iniesta, Podolski and David Villa, Kobe are 11th among 18 clubs in the league after losing three of their last four matches.

Last week coach Juan Manuel Lelo left the club and Takayuki Yoshida returned for a second spell at Kobe. After Lelo's departure, Podolski stepped down as the team leader and hinted via online media that there were problems at the club. "Stop expecting loyalty from people who can not freely and honestly express their views," he said.

It was not clear if Yoshida was to stay until the end of the season as Japanese media speculated that former Chelsea manager André Vilas-Boach might be in charge of Kobe.

Source: Reuters

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