The Lebanese Ministry of Education sets the deadline for exams for the academic year

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon issued a statement on Friday (June 14th), the deadline for private schools to receive lists of their students to enable them to take the exams of the current academic year.

The Minister of Education and Higher Education stated that these schools may submit lists of candidates for the General Secondary School Certificate at their four branches, not later than 5:00 pm on Friday 14/6/2019. To pass the regular course exams for this academic year. "

The statement added: "These regulations must be accompanied by documents that prove the proper and justified course of each candidate, with the required documents required for these examinations, and that the competent departments of the ministry will work during the next two working days, Candidates for the conditions ".

The statement stressed that "any request received after the deadline will not be accepted, in order to enable the staff of the ministry to complete the work required to enter these students in the program of examinations for the regular session, and to not be repeated in the intermediate certificate of late in the submission of regulations to the names of students to the last hours before The date of the examination, which was logistically impossible to be involved in it. "

The students protested to the Ministry of Education in Beirut in protest against the refusal of Minister Akram Shahib to give nomination cards to 1700 students because of the failure of their schools administrations to submit their applications within the legal deadline.

The Lebanese Ministry of Education sets the deadline for exams for the academic year the lebanese ministry of education sets the deadline for exams for the academic year

Director of the "Educational Union" Hanan Kerbaj

During the sit-in, Hanan Karabaj, head of the Education Union, tried to burn herself by pouring a quantity of "gasoline" on her clothes and face to set her body on fire, but the residents and students of the protestors were quick to prevent her from doing so.

Civil defense personnel attended and took the school principal to hospital, slightly injured by a petrol and sun injury.

Hanan Karabaj stressed that her school is not a shop, but is registered according to the laws.

Source: Agencies

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