The latest Audi cars will take part in Avengers 4

The latest Audi cars will take part in Avengers 4

Superstar movie lovers know that Avengers 4 will be shown on May 3 of 2019, and since we are a specialist in the automotive world we will inform you that the latest Audi cars will participate in the movie Avengers 4.

The Avengers 4 will be the Audi e tron ​​GT, which recently appeared at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2018, paving the way for a full-size sedan coming in 2020 to compete specifically with the American Tesla, And underwent a detailed experience with our colleague Karim Deeb within a driving experience program.

The Audi R8, with Iron Man Tony Stark in the first part of the Iron Man film series in 2008, has already appeared to share her sister Audi R8 Spyder In the second part of the movie Iron Man, and in the third part of the famous action film appeared Audi R8 E Tron.

Now look at us Audi car e tron ​​GT in the events of Avengers 4 from Marvel universe.

The audi e tron ​​GT electric test car will soon be available in a commercial production version of 2020, and this new car will feature an aggressive, forward-looking design with a sharp, Matrix LED lamps The latest Audi chassis features sharp lines and includes huge cooling holes to provide a great deal of aerodynamic flow. The electric car runs on 22-inch design space tires that are not a commercial car.

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