The image provokes controversy on "Twitter" after they are discovered and are visually inside

Arabs today - a picture of the controversy on "Twitter" after the discovery of two visually impaired inside

At first it looks like a series of black and white vertical lines. Nevertheless, this image has spread rapidly after users Internet They are visually invisible within.

The image was published on Twitter on Wednesday by a New Zealand-based nanotechnology engineer called Michelle Dickinson. The Daily Mail newspaper says the picture requires some effort. If you can not see the animal immediately by Shake your head back and forth, you may need to get away a bit from your computer or iPhone that you see the picture through. "You can only see this," Dickinson wrote on the Internet Visual illusion If you shake your head (I'm serious), can you see an animal, hiding behind the lines? It's a cat. "

"Another one said," The stare is also working, "while the third suggested" keeping the screen in a corner, "but others claimed they could see the cat. "Immediately" without shaking their heads.

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