The Guardian's fashion editor offers tips for wearing old coats

Al Arab Al Youm - The Guardian's fashion editor offers tips on wearing old coats

As winter approaches, many women are preparing to buy a lot of new clothes, especially coats.

"We've come to the end of October, which means the sun is leaving us, which is very interesting, just two months apart from the Christmas celebrations, and in the fashion world law," said Jess Cartner Murley. "It's time to buy a new coat. Things that never change, "she said." If you like clothes, it makes no sense to deal with them as disposable. Do we really need to buy a new coat every year? You might need to, if you wear a different coat every day. " "In the winter, avoid wearing light coats, I do not know anything about you, but I go ahead with Uncle And I swear that the year will pass very quickly, perhaps within 10 minutes without feeling; so do anything once a year seems like a schedule more terrifying than being necessary. "

"You can not buy the coat Which I wear in this picture, because it is a Jaeger, and it has been in my closet for years. This is the purpose of buying this coat, which lasts for years, not six weeks, and it is comfortable when you get a coat that lasts long, It's like Christmas decorations boxes, which you have to choose to match well. "

"If that's the case, this year, you have to buy a classic coat, like a water jacket or another wool, as I wear in the picture. They both last for years in your closet. Otherwise, use the classic coats already in your closet, For example, a neutral colored scarf, a new blouse, or even dress New, your coats already exist, you do not need to buy others, they are in the storage boxes under the bed, your goal is to keep pace with fashion and this method will make you feel satisfied. "


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