The Great Polar Game … Washington plans to build a strategic port in the north to face Moscow and Beijing

the great polar game ... washington plans to build a strategic port in the north to face moscow and beijing

A US Congressional draft resolution called on the country's military to strengthen its presence in the Arctic to ensure that the United States reaches the region's natural resources and to confront Russia and China there.

The draft National Defense Act of 2020 pointed to the need for the Coast Guard and other branches of the US armed forces to locate a new strategic port in the Arctic, in a move that does not hide the document that aims to counter the Russian presence and the aspirations of China in the region.

The strategic importance of the Arctic continues to increase, with the United States and other countries recognizing the military importance of sea lanes and bottlenecks within the region and understanding the possibility of dropping energy from the Arctic into multiple regions.

According to the bill to be voted next week, US fears of "Russian expansion" in the region are due to Moscow owning about 40 icebreakers (while the United States has only one such ship), Russia's "concrete" investments in infrastructure Including the establishment of a new "Northern Pole Leadership", as well as the construction or modernization of 16 deep-water ports and 14 airfields in Moscow.

The document notes with concern that China, which in 2018 launched its new Arctic strategy called the Arctic Silk Road, described itself as "a country close to the Arctic" and expressed the wish to link its "Belt and Road" There.

China has also shown an interest in expanding its presence in the region through research vessel activity and its intention to build a nuclear icebreaker in addition to the two conventional icebreakers it now owns.

The bill warns that Russia and China are joining forces in exploring the Arctic's gas resources, noting that:

The economic importance of the Arctic continues to increase, as countries around the world begin to understand the potential opportunities for maritime transport across the region and economic and trade development there.

The Arctic contains about 13% of the world's oil resources and 30% of undiscovered gas resources, as well as "uranium, rare metals, gold, diamonds and millions of square miles of unexploited resources."

In May, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, "The Arctic has become a hotbed of strength and competition." The United States is entering a new era of strategic engagement in the Arctic, fraught with new threats to the Arctic and its real estate, In that region, "adding that" the sea lanes in the Arctic can become the Suez Canal and Panama for the twenty-first century. "

In addition to the development of the strategic port project, the draft calls for the production of six new US icebreakers by 2029, with the first in 2023.

The Russian army has in recent years established its most recent base, the Northern Nafal, and renewed a number of abandoned airports in the region.
Apart from defense facilities, Moscow is also considering large-scale economic projects within its maritime borders and hopes to facilitate tourism in the Arctic Circle.

Source: RT

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