The global brand "Koch" gives up fur in the winter of 2019

The Arab brand - the international brand "Koch" gives up fur in the winter of 2019

2018 seems to be the official year for everything new and surprising us Fashion world And fashion, especially with regard to changing many traditional standards, such as giving up fur.

In addition to many brands abandoning fur in their designs, such as Versace,Gucci"Koch decided to join the list to announce that it had also given up.

"We appreciate and respect the interest of everyone and our customers, so we wanted to participate and do anything about it," said Joshua Schulman, executive director of Koch. "We decided to give up the fur in our designs and we are sure that should be done."

The American brand has made a promise to abandon all animal fur, including fox, rabbit and mink fur, with its collection coming out in autumn 2019. However, Koch will continue to use the Angora and Mohair fabrics in their collections.

With many brands and fashion houses pledging to give up fur in their designs, take the time to bid farewell to that elegant piece, but do not grieve, all for animal rights, a noble goal.

It is noteworthy that with the announcement of "Koch" abandonment of fur, there has been a total of up to 9 brands, stopped using fur in 2018 alone.


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