The flat foot on the ground means you have a problem

The flat foot on the ground means you have a problem

Recent statistics show that about 90% of women have at least one problem at some point in their lives. "Our feet can reveal our health," specialist Dr. Down Harper told The Daily Mail. In the next report, Harper shows the most important signs on the feet that indicate there is a malfunction in the body.

the shape

When you are standing on a level floor, your foot should appear in the shape of an arch in its center. If the foot is flat on the ground, it means that you have a problem – the so-called "falling braces".

Harper says the fallen arches (or flat feet), also known as flat feet, can advance the stages of the disease, which when overlooked may lead to the rupture and rupture of ligaments, arthritis, difficulty in wearing shoes or walking.

"It happens because of many things that are not congenital defects, such as broken or dislocated bones, rheumatoid arthritis or nerve problems, and can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes or aging."

Symptoms can get worse. Many people suffer from foot pain, swelling, or even back and leg pain. If you have a toe that is veiled from the rest of the fingers, you have a problem, and at least 14 million people In the United Kingdom, are suffering from osteoporosis in the foot. "Once formed, it can only be treated by surgery, which is more important than most people realize."

"I can not give indications of bone integrity due to the general medical risks associated with each operation and the postoperative limitations of daily life during recovery, but the desire for a good cosmetic result is normal, but appropriate plastic surgery is always the most satisfying alternative to the patient," Harper said. "He said.

"The genetic factor may be the most important cause of the foot bone, but the exact cause is unknown, but the factors are likely to include the type of injuries and abnormalities that occur at birth." Experts disagree on whether shoes such as high heels contribute to the development of the condition.

Color and temperature

Harper says that the color of your feet should be the same color as the rest of your body, but if they tend to burn, sometimes they are evidence of poor blood circulation. "It may be hard to detect on dark skin, but try to squeeze your fingers, To normal color, if this takes some time it can be a sign of circulatory problems. "

"The cold foot may permanently reflect circulatory problems and must be checked. In extreme cases, poor blood circulation can lead to gangrene, so it can not be ignored. This may also mean circulatory problems elsewhere," said Dr. Harper. So your doctor will need to know, check your blood pressure and test your cholesterol and glucose levels. "


Normal foot cramps may stop as soon as you stretch or massage your feet, but if you suffer more than once, it may be due to poor blood flow. When your body's fluid level decreases, your muscles become more prone to convulsions and cramps, so it is also important to drink plenty of water. The whole day.

Chronic or recurrent cramps include leg cramps and night leg contraction affects approximately 1 in 3 adults and indicates more serious problems, including nerve compression. A few minerals such as potassium, calcium or magnesium in your diet can help to treat muscle cramps and magnesium plays a role in overcoming muscular nervous mobility and muscle contraction.


Yellow nails can be caused by excessive use of nail polish. Dr. Harper says it is important to refrain from this, since "thick dark nails can be a sign of fungal infection."

The brittle nails become thicker and change in shape. The injured part of the nail may break away from the finger, which means that there is a fungal infection and you have to go to the doctor.

In the vast majority of people, the fungus develops at the anterior or lateral edge of the nail. This occurs most commonly in people with severe immune system impairment, for example, in case of serious illness.

It is estimated that 1.4 per cent of all cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the United Kingdom are those affecting the nail.

Dry or cracked skin

If the feet remain dry or cracked, despite constant moisturizing, you must devote your attention to solving this problem. Activities that press the foot, such as running or walking barefoot, can cause a thick texture of the skin. Other causes of dry and cracked feet despite treatment and use of moisturizers , Is inflammation of the skin or psoriasis or eczema or paired skin and should consult a doctor.


"Bad foot odors can be a sign of fungal infections, the most common among athlete's feet," says Dr. Harper. "Symptoms of skin infections include itching, ulcers, dryness between your toes, and you can get the fungal infection through direct contact with an infected person , Or by touching surfaces that are contaminated with fungus. Dr. Harper asserts that these fungi thrive in places such as swimming pools.

If you are infected you should get used to drying between your toes after bathing and changing your socks every day and wearing natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers.


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