The first symptoms revealed the presence of stones in the kidneys

The first symptoms revealed the presence of stones in the kidneys

Doctors at the Mayo-American Hospital have reported that the first signs of kidney stones may appear as intermittent pain, as urine color and odor change.

"In the course of time, kidney stones cause severe pain, but when diagnosed early, it can be easily avoided," says Dr. David Patterson of the hospital.

Pain – according to Patterson, the first signs of the presence of gravel when you begin to move, where you can reach the bladder through the case. The patient feels as a result of this move with intermittent pains in the waist, back and lower abdomen.

And also discomfort during urination – where the desire to urinate when there is gravel in the kidneys, and then the person feels pain and discomfort from urination.

As well as urine changes – as a result of the presence of gravel in the kidneys smell urine is disgusting, as the color changes to become pink or brown.

Finally, nausea, vomiting and chills – Mayo doctors recommend that you should see your doctor immediately if these symptoms appear, if the pain does not stop when you change your body.

Doctors suggest that the risk of kidney stones increases when a person's diet contains a large amount of protein, sodium (salt) and sugar. Grazing can also be caused by dryness (lack of drinking water), excess weight and genetic factors.

Source: Medicom Forum


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